11 Jan 2012

Your Questions Answered: # 1 Post-Pregnant Belly


First thing first!
a HUGE thank you to you all ladies. Your questions and requests triggered my mind for interesting posts.
I’ve put them into category: marriage, life experience {Ghana, Italy and Britain}, travels, motherhood and fitness/body image, I will be writing posts for each category.
Oh, I thought I might not receive no question so thank you again for helping me out. I think I might make Q&A a habit, LOL. I will see ;D!
Based on Monique's request/encouragement:
i really like when your write short stories. your love story about meeting your husband and reflecting on weight gain/loss were so interesting. I think your really a great writer and you should nurture this skill whether fiction or nonfiction.
today I want to talk about my body after pregnancy because I’ve been procrastinating about the topic.
Yesterday I started working out again. To move my way smoothly into getting fit I like to use the Wii Fit, because I can keep track of my progress. However next week I am hitting the gym for a class dedicated to mums and babies.
The day after I gave birth my belly felt as if I've been in a boxing match and lost but not before getting loads of punches in the stomach. Though hubby was impressed by how small  the post-pregnant belly looked, for me it looked squishy and hanging low like a cow’s belly. But still I was flattered by what he said. However, my back was bothering me because I've always bad back, and my belly being what it was was not helping, so I had to find a way to erect my posture.
I knew of a Ghanaian old school method, tie cloth around the lower back and the belly for extra support after birth. I felt supported and I could stand straight without feeling pressure on the lower back.PB265959 My mother phoned and asked me if I was doing that. "Yes mum!"
From there on every time she phoned me she would remind me to do that and to sit on a bucket full boiling water because the steam was going to help my uterus contract and help my belly return to how it was. Of course I wanted to have my belly back because it is one of my favourite body parts. But I was not too obsessed about it because it reminded me of the joyful pregnancy. I ate every thing I wanted without worrying about health, because I wanted (and want) milk for my daughter. However she kept reminding me to use those two methods.  So I did everything sporadically to keep both happy.
But by supporting my back and tummy with Ghanaian old school methods a week later the my tummy reduced a little bit. The progress was steady.
I want to show you the progress, are you ready?
Hopefully the belly will tone up a little bit more but I am aware that it might not return to how I had it before baby, I will be okay with that. My weight is far from the ideal weight but as long as I am happy the scale doesn't bother me, because I believe in toning more than sliming. And I started towards the toning, soon I will start eating healthy food that help me produce milk as opposed to junk food – enough of peanut butter, after the big jar finishes.
Phew, I managed to put the post out here, thank you again Monique your words of encouragement mean a lot to me :)! Yesterday I went to a writer’s workshop, I am working hard to nurture my passion for writing :).


  1. Thanks for being so open!

    I still am dying to hear AOI's birth story. Please post when you can :)

  2. Wow! You look absolutely amazing. I'm 17 weeks post and I don't think I look anywhere near your 7 weeks post.

    How on earth did you sit on a pot of boiling water?? I know breastfeeding contracts the uterus (i felt my contractions while I was nursing my son) but the boiling water... never heard of it-although I know it's a cultural thing.

    Anyway- you look great :) Can't wait to hear more. P.S. I agree with Mama E- birth story please!

  3. wow, hubby is right! your belly looks incredible! awesome job!

  4. Beautiful! I did the tie cloth thing too with my 1st two pregnancies. The boiling water thing you mentioned is exactly like a sitz bath that the doctors suggest after birth. It also would help prevent infection!

  5. i am definitely doing some of the same methods...your mama is persistent isn't she?! and you loook fantsatic post baby...i guess the wrap does work!

  6. Your post-baby belly looks fantastic! Really, I'm not exaggerating.

  7. Your tummy looks great my baby is four months and my tummy doesnt look as good as urs. Your tummy is going to go down even more believe it or not.

  8. Wow you really put it all out there! Good for you, this helps a lot of moms to hear and see what other moms are saying and doing. It's been so long since I had a baby I can't even remember what my tummy looked like back then. I do however, remember when my eldest daughter had her first baby and I was right there. I swear she looked as if she had never had a baby as soon as he came out. She might beg to differ, but now she has 6 kids and she still looks fantastic. You my dear do as well, and I can't wait to hear about your adjustment to motherhood. I think its fantastic how you chronicle every bit of it. Your baby will love to look back on this someday. I'm going to share your blog with my daughter, I think she might love the tummy binding idea because she also suffers lower back pain during and after pregnancy. I used to have low back pain until I started doing yoga. Once I got my tummy muscles really strong again, my lower back never gave me any more problems. I also see a chiropractor once a month and he keeps me alined. You and your tummy look wonderful - can't wait to see and hear about the little one. Many blessings, Tia

  9. Damn girl, your belly looks really good for being only 7 weeks post partum. This was a great post, I totally tying my belly with the next baby ;)

  10. Thank you ladies, you are TOO kind :).

  11. looking good! I did wrap my belly after my son and I think it definitely helped. I hadn't heard about the boiling water. I'll have to keep that in mind for next time!

  12. wow you look amazing!!! Im a year after having Judah and I still don't have my pre pregnancy belly back

    Also for back pain (I got it allot when I had Judah) it was bc I wasn't used to holding a baby constantly and holding him to nurse. A friend told me this trick. You put boiling water on a diaper, then wait a few mins till its not super super hot and place it into a plastic bag and put a thing blankie around it. Then you can put it on your back. The diaper absorbs the water and locks in the heat :-) it helped my back tremendously till I got used to carrying around Judah ;-)


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