16 Jan 2012

Your Questions Answered: #3 Life Experience {Ghana, Italy and Britain}

All About Some of My Memories in Life


Faith: I really would love to know more about your time in Ghana. were you born there? when did you leave? do you plan on visiting any time soon? do you plan on taking Berry there in the future?

I was born in Ghana. One thing I remember is moving houses a lot after my father died until I was brought to Italy sometime in the 90s. I have some fond memories of my childhood. I lived for sometime with my maternal grandparents. My grandmother is the sweetest woman in the world. She is so kind. She is petite and used to have long hair until she used chemicals and I remember that started to break her hair because she didn’t maintain it.

I remember wrapping one of her cloths around the waist and running wild on the streets of the little town we lived in. kite {via}

note: above is a model, because as I know only children go around running with cloth tied around their waist... Unless that person is called TOI ;D!kiterunner  kite day in London

Sometimes when the rain was falling I would go wild once again and bared chest run like there is no tomorrow. My granny and great-grandmother would call me telling me to stop being tom-boy and stay out of the pouring rain if I didn’t want to catch a fever. Another fond memory was telling my great-grandmother that I was hiding in the shadow when she called me telling me to get out of the sun if I didn’t want to have headaches. I miss those days.

My grandfather died in 1994, he was my favourite man. He used to have a goldsmith lab and he did a horse earrings for me. I don’t know how he knew about my love for horses, but maybe it was the fact that he used to read the Bible to me and my cousins and there were pictures of horses. He was tall and very handsome. He and my grandmother didn’t stay married forever but they were so friendly to each other.

Fingers and toes cross, if health and finances allow us we plan to go back this Christmas, that means Berry {aka Miss AOI} is coming with us. But I would LOVE to spend longer one day so Berry will have some of the wild moments I had there. But I hope that wherever we are she is going to a little tom-boy to explore her freedom and nature.

Pegster: When was the last time you went to Ghana? Do you miss it?

Last time I was in Ghana was January 2008. I went there with my sister, sister-in-law and her first born Miss B. Hubby didn’t come because it was a girly holiday. The previous year hubby and I went there in March. That was my first time back after more than 16 years away. ghana Everything was so small in comparison to how I remembered. I had the most amazing time and hubby did too.

Apart from my grandmother, brother, sister-in-law and nephew I miss the warmth and natural resources of the place.


Mrs H.: I didn't know you lived in Italy? How long did you live there? What part? What do you miss most about Italy? What do you miss least?

I am from one of the providences of Vicenza which distance circa 60km from Venice and 50km Verona. I moved there when I was still attending elementary school and lived then until I finished high school – I was older student. youth1 After my diploma, which I completed in 2004, I worked for some time and then moved away to Britain after my wedding, 30th July 2005.thering  brightfuture

I miss the corners of the whole town, full of precious memories.castle1 castle

Summer 1995, sitting on the window at the top of the castle were I got married in 2005. That castle is full of my teen’s memories. I had a friend who lived there so sometimes I had sleepovers.

The spring, the dark windows which make the rooms pitch black but once you open them the warm weather pours into the room filling your soul with it beauty. The summer at the swimming pool, while people look at you strange as if a Black girl can’t be there because she really doesn’t need the sun because she’s already Black, LOL :).

I don’t miss the mindset of the people, close to different cultures.


Pegster: How did you like living in England? Are you guys planning to move, back there again?

We lived in London for five years, but my in-laws live in Devon therefore we were up and down a lot. Plus, one of my favourite spots was a campsite in Folkstone, Kent, from there we could the France. One summer we did a motorbike road trip and I loved it. And the time my family from Canada came there and we toured London together. My sister and I made awesome poses on one of the lions.uk

The bird in Piccadilly and the Lions in Trafalgar Square have seen a lot of this lady here.

Also London was the first place hubby and I shared our first marital home. I did my degree and read poetry sometimes, when I didn’t feel too shy to stand in front of the mike. Like any big city London has many free entry museums and art galleries. I would go there with hubby and my nieces.art

One Sunday afternoon we went to Tate Gallery and I was inspired to paint

Plus, I’ve always been interested in discovering different cultures, and London gave that opportunity because there are so many different cultures living side to side.  I know some of my friends living in a small town where its citizen discriminate against foreigners, now they tend to discriminate or look above other foreigners.

This is the reason I believe travelling is so good when one can afford it, because it opens our eyes to the wider world.

I know I went off the track with this question, but that shows how much I enjoyed living in Britain with all it flaws.

OOh, at the moment there is no plan of moving back but we might move back one day because as the saying goes never say never!


I have few more answers for you, so please stay tuned.

Questions: Have you ever been to Ghana, Italy or Britain?

Please share with me :).


  1. Oh WOW....reading this my mouth is opened because i am thinking how many places you traveled and lived and what a rich wealth of experiences, languages and culture you have to share with Miss. AOI. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing,..your pictures are gorgeous!

  2. I so badly want to live abroad for a few years. I've been to Italy and GB. Florence was my favorite city followed by London.

  3. wow... you've been to so many places. I'm very jealous! But the memories you've had are priceless!
    P.s. Tag! You're it! Check out my bio for details! (It's a fun blog game!)http://lovelacefiles.blogspot.com/2012/01/tag-im-it.html

  4. I just love how well-traveled you are! Absolutely love it! Amazing to have all those memories of so many different places!

    I went to Ghana in 2002 and loved it!

  5. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much for sharing this! Your life experiences are so broad and filling. Such amazing memories and recollections. I do have to agree that the mindset of Italy while I was there was a bit closed to different cultures.

  6. Wow, you have had a wealth of experiences seeing places in the world that others just dream of. What a blessing!

    I was born in England and lived there the first year of my life. I pray that I am able to make it back there someday to see where I was born. I went to Italy for a month in 2005 and again 2006 it was so much fun. I loved my time there. I still have a dream of going to Africa sometime. My son was in Ghana and Togo last summer and loved it.

  7. Wow, you are a world traveler. This answer session is so nice, such a great idea.


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