17 Jan 2012

Your Questions Answered: #4 Travels

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“Cottage by The Sea”: It seems you love to travel. Where will the first place you will take your baby and what do you imagine you will have to take with you when you pack for a baby?

God’s willing, her first trip will be in April. We are going to Britain and Italy for a month. I believe the essentials things will be her stroller, diapers, changing bag, onesies for the night, baby jeans, jumpers, dresses, jacket, bath items, feeding bottles and mummy.

Keya: How long will you be staying in Canada? How do you feel about raising your daughter in Canada?

The plan is to stay here fore 5 years, but hubby’s work could renew the contract for more than ten years. I believe Canada, especially were we live, is upcoming. Meaning unlike some of the big city this place is still developing and the schools here are very good, with small classes and French immersion. So I feel quite good about raising Miss AOI here, but then we might change plans because I felt like there is so many opportunities for me to raise my girl wherever I choose.

Unknown Mami: If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be and why?

In a small village in Japan. japan_overview_2In Italy I was brought up watching Japanese cartoons and reading manga magazines. I believe that was in part the reason I’ve always been fascinated by the country. Its costume and culture  make me wanna learn more about the it. Plus…images …I was in love with the main characters of Orange Road, one of my favourite Nippon cartoons.


There you have it.

I really enjoyed answering all your questions. Thank you again for asking me something to write about.

All the best, TOI.

Question: Which items do you thing I will need to pack for a baby when travelling?


  1. i really want to visit Japan! how sweet that Berry will have those opportunities to travel as well! :)

  2. i LOVE that you would live in a small town in Japan!! that's adorable. and what a blessing you will be giving the love of travel to your daughter!!

  3. wow i just read you Q&A's goodness you've lived in so many different countries and have so many fond memories. I really enjoyed reading your answers.


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