29 Feb 2012

Thoughtful Wednesday: History Is Like Honeycomb by T. A-A. I.

Note: Life is getting very hectic over this end. I am trying my best to keep on top of everything, mainly regarding my writing. I sleep instead of staying up writing when AOI is asleep after her early morning feeds. I am feeling very well. Thank you all for your best wishes. 

Now onto Thoughtful Wednesday’s post.


History Is Like Honeycombhoney

Sweet, tempting, full of goodness, made of not just Shakespeare, Euripides but of Biko, Alice Walker, Ben Okri, Nkrumah, you and I as a lesson to generation to come.

Visionary over the hill, like a messiah he was spoken through, sitting in brotherhood, colours of all spectrum, he stood for the nation – like a true beekeeper.

Not among the happy celebration of the 44th A-merry-can –  but like umbilical cord we trace back to King’s ‘I have a dream...’! In front of a box, we sung heartily to the songs of victory. He won but Jesse Jackson, Shirley Chrisholm were fighters, just like Malcolm X.

History is sweet like a honeycomb, yet pungent like a bee... Go tell “A-merry-ca” has not ‘disposed’ of the issue of COLOUR or culture, that not “... every [...] person in the world can hold their head high...” and say “The dream has come true...” At the dawn of victory the fashion insiders claim Black unsellable – skin lightened, White darkened.

Vogue, fashion bible, took up the ‘challenge’: July 08 is Black issue; it went off the shelves like hot honey cakes. Thirty percent advertising and lack of black models is glaring. Only the agency made history for its Black issue... Yes, history sting like a bee, yet sweet, sticky, smooth in the soul like honey. This history is you and I, each day, all year round, un-stoppable by one-sided history guardians. History is like honeycomb.


For me Black History doesn’t end after today. I really believe that Black History shouldn’t be celebrated during few months in the year, but it should be celebrated every single day. History is us in the making. Every single day we are part of history and we should celebrate and embrace our past, present and future for our children to know that yes we were alive. For me history is like honeycomb.

What is history to you? Do you agree that Black History should be an ongoing celebration?

26 Feb 2012

Long Lazy Sunday in My City #8

This morning I didn't go to church because I was feeling under the weather. I believe it was a combination of tiredness and cold. Tiredness because recently I've been up late writing the inspirational thoughts that flood my mind while AOI is sleeping in the early hours of the day. Yesterday and this morning I slept and didn't do any writing, I slept in. Cold because the weather is between -7/-21 and in Britain -6 is a great deal. I am learning to layer (wearing light but warm garment upon each other under the coat) but I am not very good at it because I am breastfeeding and thought that my coat is warm enough to cover just one jumper. I am feeling the chill in my chest and my throat is dry. But I've been drinking hot tea and wrapping myself warm, now I am feeling much better.
There was a blizzard yesterday, it was not a big one for those who are used to it but for us it was something. Blizzard snow is like fine sugar under ventilator, not the usual flacks.
After the writer's workshop I drove home with extra caution because I was worried to lose control of the car, but thank goodness I managed to drive to Sobeys to get few things for the party at our friends house and then home safely.
We went to our friend's flat warming party. His place give such a lovely panorama of the city.

It was not sunny as last weekend, so I decided to stay indoors, because I scared to fall ill. Hubby went to ice skating with some friends, before going he gave a concept to a delighted little girl. Out there was -16 but inside here it is +25...


...and I have my two loves to keep my heart and soul even warmer.

oh, and I baked a loafloaf

the rest of the day will be spent reading to AOI, getting ready for my first writing group meeting tomorrow and just lazing around.

how is/was your Sunday?lazysunday4 Unknown Mami

24 Feb 2012

Week 13

Dear my dearest little daughter,
the days are flying too fast, i can’t believe it’s already Friday. it’s incredible how you develop over night. this week you reaches for the toys we hand to you. you love to play with you Freddie the Firefly. AOIfirefly I believe you like the bright colours because as soon as we hold it to you you get excited and want to hold onto it. You also cuddle and sometimes I play peek-a-boo with the mirror that is in the wing.
the most exciting scene for me today was filming you attempt to play the piano. you try to repeat what we say and today you wanted to imitate dad playing the piano. i guess it was time that you tried, you’ve been listening to him play since you were in the womb.
you are such a darling, you looked at me and smiled, you were having so much fun.
OMG, how much do you melt my heart?
SOOOO much and I remain speechless and when i hold you in my hands and look at you it feels like holding my heart in my hands.
All my love sweet daughter,
Mummy TOI

23 Feb 2012

Lifecycle… be inspired…

you ladies are AMAZING, when I feel encouragement, you all are here to lift me up. un grandissimo THANK YOU, than you for being part of this journey, you truly inspire me do keep on writing AND keep my uniqueness alive :).

and continuing on the inspirational thank you speech, today Dani posted on her blog the written version manifesto of The Holstee. I went to find the video and the video is much powerful.

Source: okdani.com via TOI on Pinterest


this inspires me so much because it feels like i wrote it. you see, i’ve written about these kind on inspirational quotes on TC30s and here and there on my offline journal, but having a manifesto for it makes everything so clear. 

i love blogging because it is a mega forum where we can all share experiences and inspire others.

as the manifesto reads “… life is about the people you meet, and things you create with them… [and] life is short, live your dream and share you passion.”

my passion is writing and reading. i am trying my best to complete a young adult fiction. i would love to be a motivational speaker. it’s based on this passion that i want to start this new series. it is a movement between us women to share, search and hold onto our individuality to make us confident. you are the people i’ve met and i want to create this together. some of you lovely ladies are already part of this series, but the more the merrier.



…is about you, about me, about her, about us… is a movement to keep every real woman's individuality ALIVE.

let’s team up for this new movement.

all the best,

xoxo TOI. 

22 Feb 2012


…i feel like a hot mess when it comes to the content on this blog. Sometimes i wish i could write better like some bloggers out there. Or write wonderful travel posts, to tell how it feels to be a world traveller. Some other times i wish i could resist the impulse to click publish before editing and correcting the post for the 100th time. Other times i wonder if my language is lacking because i am not a native English speaker. i know that's not the case, it just that my mind gets tired from reading one post over and over again.

i don't like classifications, but if i had to tick a box i would choose lifestyle blogger but sometimes i wish i could do more fashion posts.

sometimes i wonder if i had a better blog design people would like coming here more often, because first impression is everlasting. sometimes i wish my heartfelt series are successful… [if you want to be featured in the upcoming series She Rocks, please don't hesitate to email me].

sometimes i wish i could read 100 good blogs and connect with more women whom want to create a supporting network and share their experiences with me like my current dedicated readers do.

sometimes i want to thank you all for sticking with me no matter the chaos.

all the best,


21 Feb 2012

W.E. a film by Madonna

seems promising

love the style and story line

can’t wait to see it.

have you seen it? what do you think of madonna as director?

19 Feb 2012

Long Lazy Sunday #7

We went to church after three weeks away from it. It was a nice sermon, but I couldn’t listen to it because I had to go and feed AOI. She fell asleep soon afterward.

After the service we invited few friends to go for lunch. After lunch they joined us for a skate on a frozen pond.skateonpond There were many young family and couples skating. I believe there was a party going on. It is just beautiful to witness such contrasting atmosphere here in my city. It seems like everyone knows how to skate in the winter and canoe in the summer. familyskateThere were very good little skaters, they sure start very young.

After the lovely skate which I really can’t wait to join in next year, our friend invited us for a barbeque at her house.

It was a long lazy Sunday in my city, because I didn’t do anything. I just observed and enjoyed the good company.

How was yours?


18 Feb 2012

3 Months – Our Ray of Light

Dear sweet daughter,
Three months ago today you graced us with your persona, presenting your tiny body which  sometimes we were scared to break. But your strength which many recognised strengthened our confidence as new parents.
Three months ago you latched for the very first time and the few drops of milk you took from me pacified my mind from the pain of my tender nipples. Nowadays you pull and latch onto these tough nipples.
At the time you didn’t smile, you didn’t show your personality but you observed these two strangers caring for you with naive smiles on their faces. I wondered what you were thinking. I counted each minute to see your smile, a sign that would tell me everything was alright.
Then two months ago you graced us with your beautiful heart melting smile. From that moment on I can perform like a clown to steal one smile and daddy does the same. Also two months ago you began to giggle and baby talk a lot to me. You started to baby sing the songs that we sung to you. You always give us a smile when we sing wheels on the bus. You also look at me interested, studying my moves when I sing and dance.
Nowadays, I try to translate your heees, eeehs, uhhhhs and sometimes I believe I can understand you. Because I answer you and you seem happy with my responses. Yesterday I told you to say something to daddy and you repeated something after I spoke. I then told you something else and you repeated, that went on for some short sentences. It was hilarious to witness. You’ve been definitely repeating my ‘hellos’ and ‘how are yous’.
Also, yesterday whilst lying on your tummy you lifted yourself up on the lower arms. Some weeks ago, although you could do that, you didn’t like lying down for more than a minute or so. However, yesterday you were laughing and looking around. Oh, that was like a nail on my head because it shows that you are really growing too fast. You are three months old today.
In the morning you had your first bowel movement in the toilet. I am not trying to potty train you yet but it was convenient to let you go in the toilet because it was less work for me. I could sense it was going to be a big one and as we know it was going to be a messy diaper.
And today I left you alone with daddy for two hours for the first time. I went to another writer’s workshop and the tutor was asking where were you, because you are always with me. I missed you so much, but daddy did a great job. He changed – [he has been doing this for the past three months] and for the first time he fed you with the milk I pumped in the morning. You were about to fall asleep when I returned but you woke up for mummy’s special fresh milk. I was SO happy you wanted to have a little bit more milk from me :–D. 
Baby girl, I love your beautiful personality, your open smile and lovely deep brown eyes. Everyone sees how beautiful you are from inside out when they first meet you. You have a smile for everyone and I am glad you are such a jovial person. I hope you keep that sunshine about you. rayoflight But you cry when you don’t know the person who is holding you and you smile when I take you back in my arms.
Though the precious delicate moments of our early days with you as a newborn are gone, we are more than delighted to have you, our joyous little girl gracing our waking days.
You sure are our ray of light and we are happy at the sight of you, our most beloved daughter.
All of our LOVE,
Mummy and daddy

16 Feb 2012

Coming Soon: She Rocks – a new series

On the third of this month I sent out an email to many of my fellow bloggers inviting them to participate in a new series I am hoping to start on my blog. I wanted to send to many more blogger but it was difficult for me to locate emails on some blogs. I want to share that email with you in hope that many women will like to join in this new venture.


Dear my lovely ladies,

I hope this email finds you all well.

I am writing to enquire if you would be interested in participating in a NEW SERIES entitled She Rocks.  I would like to host this series starting from March.  March is the month in which we celebrate women and I would like to take that opportunity to start this new venture which aims to share with other readers how we try to stay true to ourselves as women - single, married and with child (celebrating all women).

Long gone is the popular notion that marriage or motherhood turn women into these ghastly human beings. These days there are many women out there who are living proof that mothers and wives are taking their individuality in stride by doing little things that remind them of who they were/are. As a wife and a new mother I am trying my best to keep my individuality alive. I love my family but as one of my favourite movies quotes:

Motherhood [and wifehood]...is about accepting the limitation of time and energy, which stretch beyond you, even though sometimes it feels like they can consume you.

Search for and hold onto your true self. To lose that, what kind of mother [wife] can you be?

During my Q/A section Optimistic Mom asked me a beautiful question "…what makes you feel your best. Many new moms forget what it is like to have a day when its all about themselves. So tell when is TOI at her best?"
Based on that question I would like to open my blog for anyone who would like to share what makes them feel at their best as a woman. It is a series opened to all women, married without children, married with children, single mothers and ladies in relationships or single ladies. Really is about sharing what makes us feel our best as human being and as a woman.

I hope you will join me in this venture and share as individuals with collective aim: TO LOVE OURSELVES thus to be able to enjoy our family more.  Hope you can support me in celebrating us because You Rock, I Rock, Women Rock.... She Rocks!


Some of the lovely ladies, I sent the email to, pitied me were so kind to accept my invitation. Now, I don’t want to sound desperate but PLEASE, PLEASE ladies do say yes to be part of this venture. This will be another occasion to get to know the women that we really are and you will be making new blogger-friends and you will be promoting your blog and yourself... Have I convinced you yet :)? You will have me as a reader for life…, lol!!! 

you are all invited

Leave a comment in the box below AND, if you really want to PITY be extra kind to me, copy and paste the banner to announce this series on your blog.


I know I am asking a lot from you ladies but as The Sits Girls say “The secret to success is support.” So I am asking for your support in this endeavour.

xoxo, TOI.

P.S: your comment will not appear in the comment section because I might not have participants. That will NOT be okay because I am very enthusiastic about this new series and I will feel VERY SAD!!!


15 Feb 2012

Romantic Dinner For Three

Yesterday we had our first romantic dinner as a family of three.

In the morning I went through some of my old food magazines and found a nice recipe I wanted to try. I had most of the ingredients so it was going to be easy to adapt.

after cooking, i wore one of my old nice dresses and together with my hubby we ate in the comfort of our home with Miss AOI close by hubbypolenta champagne

dessert after meal i gave my love a tray of hearts candies, kinder surprise and a card i made in the afternoon during toddlers and babies play time at one of my mummy friends’ housevalentinesweetsvalentinecard   for my v-day gift hubby bought me two plants trees

it was one of the most beautiful valentine’s days. i really like my new plants and i hope i will take good care of them this time instead of leaving them to die.

I LOVE MY HUBBY and Miss AOI reflects that love.

how was your valentine’s day? what did you do?


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14 Feb 2012

Living Our Vows

here I am again, but this time I am sharing how I live my vows at The Adventures of Team Pancakes.

___________________Sneak Peek________________

… today I am here to testify how in marriage it comes to a time when our vows are put to the test.
But when we put our trust in the Almighty things can turn out better than we can ever imagine

_______________keep reading here__________________


Our Love Story: St. Valentine’s Special

Most of you have read our love story here. But today I am going to give you a St. Valentine’s special narration care of From Mrs to Mama’s What’s Your Love Story link-up.


1. How long have you and your significant other been together?

Ten years, eleven months and one day. We will celebrate eleven years of meeting each other on 13th April. And eleven years together on 8th May.

2. How did you meet? {What's your "love" story?}

We met in a pub in my home town in Italy. He was new in town – his second week there – I was out with a friend. After the first encounter it was chance that made us meet again.

If you want to read everything click here.

3. If married, how long have you been married? If not, is this the guy you hope to marry? {do tell}

We will celebrate seven years this year.

4. If you are married, where did you get married at? Big or small wedding? If not, where would you like to get married? And will it be big or small?

We had a fairly big wedding in the castle of my home town in Italy. Private dinner in the garden of the castle and then a big out there party in the youth hall few walks from the castle.  castle1brightfuture

5. Do you have any nick-names that you call one another? Do share!

Love, amore, funny one…

6. Name 3 things you love most about your honey.

He has  a big heart, the most amazing husband and dad one could ever wish for. 

7. Tell us how he proposed? Or your ideal proposal?

He proposed twice. The first time I was not ready so I chickened out. So he bought me a promise ring. The second time I accepted, it was on Christmas day, he bought the most beautiful engagement ring ever – I designed it myself, thank you very much. It is also the most expensive gift I’ve ever received. 

8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day, or strawberries, champagne, and rose petals?

My is more strawberries, chocolate and a dinner kind of guy.

9. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop a movie in and relax on the couch?

Pop a movie in and relax on the couch most occasions, but a sunset dinner on the beach during a holiday is always welcome. 

10. Tell us one thing you'd like to do with your significant one day. If you could do anything? Go anywhere?

I would LOVE to go to Hawaii and do an all-inclusive, super chic yet adventurous  holiday. 

11. Tell us what you plan on doing on this Valentine's Day.

I just found a nice recipe I want to try, therefore we will have a romantic meal at home.  

12. Are you asking for anything this Valentine's day?

Niente, I don’t want anything. Whatever he gives me will be fine.

13. Give us one piece of advice of keeping a relationship strong and full of love.

Always show respect and communicate with your better half. Say I love from the heart.

14.  Show us a picture of what love means to you.meaningoflove1



well, why don’t you share your love story with me. and if you are single there is a section for you too, just click on the link.

10 Feb 2012

Week 11 – Busy Bees

My dearest sweet Berry,
wow, I haven’t called you with your nickname in ages. I can’t believe it is already the tenth of February. Time is running too fast and you are already eleven precious weeks. I can’t believe how time is crashing into each other. You are growing beautifully with your own personality under my nose.
Sweet darling, this week we were two busy bees. We drove so much. As you know this week we were planning and shopping for daddy’s surprise birthday party – which will happen on Sunday. For this reason we went to Walmart four times.
Tuesday mid-morning we went to take your passport pictures – that was another stab that told you are growing very quickly. You looked like six months old baby sitting on that high chair whilst I was holding you still. You were the most adorable baby. You didn’t cry. Instead you were looking at one of the sale assistants who was making funny faces to help you look straight into the camera. You stared at her and after a minute you made up your mind you smiled back. You have the most contagious smile, straight from the soul – everyone loves it.
In the afternoon we went back to make a photo card for dad’s birthday. You were in my arms the whole time, looking at what I was doing and observing the people around us. After I paid for the order I put you back into the car seat but you wouldn’t have it. I picked you up once again and you stopped crying. You really wanted to see all the bright colours and life in the store.
Wednesday we didn’t go anywhere, because yesterday was another hectic day.
I went to our local health centre to have you weighed. They think you are tall for a two and half months baby, you are growing in height and the weight hasn’t increased as much as their chart would like, so they want to make sure that you are getting enough food.
The nurse referred us to breastfeeding consultant. She said I am doing everything fine, but we I should try to alternate breast at each feed. I know there is nothing to worry about but the fuss makes me worry. I am going to just relax and let you do your thing, because if the food was not enough you wouldn’t grow in height either. You are not a fussy eater but recently you get distracted easily.
Three weeks or so ago, I noticed how you feed a little and then stop to look at the picture collage I made for your room before you were born. It seems as if suddenly you’ve noticed that picture. From there on you look at the paintings and African masks around the house and get so excited you smile then quickly hide your smiling face in my arm, you repeat this for some time, before refocusing on feeding. You are so cute, you pierce my heart every time I look at you – I am so much in LOVE. browneye1
Many people tell us that you are so alert for a two and half old months baby. We are happy you are bright baby. You are also such a friendly baby, when people smile, you smile back. You only cry if someone you don’t know take you in their arms. But all in all you are a happy baby.
You are truly my wish come true.
All my love,
Mummy TOI.

9 Feb 2012

I was Tagged…

…first by Kath C @ Lovelace Files tagged me back in January and then Teresha @ Marlie and Me tagged me beginning of this month, and now I am playing along.
11 things about TOI
1. she loves old school movies – drama and comedy
2. she helped Catherine Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William’s wife – choose her first prescribed spectacles.
3. she has a diploma in optics – but doesn’t practice
4. she would love to learn snowboarding
5. her favourite dessert is cheesecake
6. she has more than 20 glasses
7. she used to dream to become a model, to able to become an actress to able to write her stories
8. she loved taking London buses, it was the best place to read, observe the world and think
9. she’s been re-twisting her own hair for a year
10. she collects family albums
11. she collects books
 Answers to Kathy C’s questions
1. What's your earliest memory as a child?
Good question. I am sure it is my father’s funeral. I believe that was the first time that I felt like waking up from a dream.
2. Do you prefer the toilet paper roll on top or bottom?
Roll on bottom.
3. Do you have a shoe policy in your house?
In the UK we didn’t have any policy but now we do because of Canadian policy – remove the shoes at the door before entering the living area (kitchen, living room, dining room and bedrooms.
4. What's your favorite season and why?
I love two seasons: Autumn and Spring, the first brings out my romantic and nostalgic side. Spring makes me fall in love again with everything around me. Plus both are not too hot or too cold.
5. Do you have a best friend?  What makes them special?
A best friend is someone I can tell anything and never feel like they will tell on me or judge me, right? My husband and my sister are my best friends.
6. How often do you blog?
Three to four times a week.
7. What's your appetizer?
Ham and melon.
8. If you could live anywhere in the world... where would you live?
9. Where's the farthest you've traveled?
Canada because I came from Europe, before that it was Far East Asia.
10. What do you consider your hobby?
Blogging and photographing {I need to learn more about it}
11. Do you speak/study any other languages?
Twi (one of the Ghanaian dialects) and Italian.
Answers to Teresha’s questions
1. If you could live in a cartoon, which one would it be and what character would you play?
Nadia of The Secret of the Blue Water, she is so gorgeous. nadiapage 2. What is your favorite cereal?
I am so into cheerios these days.
3. If you could have a talent that you don't currently possess, what would it be?
Motivational speaker. I know that I can do something to motivate people but I am not good enough. I wish i can develop that talent further.
4. In high school were you a jock, a nerd, a drama kid, a band geek or something in between?
I was definitely something in between. I got along with many people, even in the blog world i feel like i am everywhere.
5. Have you ever met a celebrity? Who was it, where was it? Did you act cool or like a crazed fan?
I’ve met few celebrities. Whilst living in London and working in one of the most prestigious areas of the city, I had the luck to meet some important names and national names. below are few of the celebrities i met thanks to my work as optical assistant 
celebrity1.Drogba is a footballer – he bought sunglasses. 2. Andrea Corr – a singer form the Corrs, she bought sunglasses. 3. Morrisse, musician, he bought contact lenses and multifocal glasses. 4. Daniel Craig he came into our shop because we trying to find coloured contact lenses for the young actor who played in Flashback of an Idiot.
I acted cool each time, because if I am in their position I wouldn’t like to have a crazy fan greeting me, i would like people to see me as a normal humanbeing.
6. Harry Potter or Twilight or neither?
Twilight, because i read the books and saw the movies.
7. When was the last time that you were REALLY angry?
i’ve been angry sometimes but i can’t remember when i was REALLY angry
8. If you could travel back and forth in time like in the movie Midnight in Paris, what period of time would you visit?
renaissance, heroine during the abolition of slave trade/slavery, civil right movements, independence for Africa, 1950s, 19960s, 1970s, 1980s,… now!
9. Is your belly button an innie or an outie?
Innie belly button
10. Do you have any strange phobias?
i am so scared of snakes, lizards, mice and rats. i have THE pho.b.i.a!!!
11. If the doctor informed you that you had one month to live how would you spend that time?
i would make sure that hubby knows how to take good care of Miss AOI. i would write love letters to Miss AOI and hubby making sure that they feel my presence in their loves every day and night. i would hold my baby girl tightly each second of my breath. and more group hugs with hubby and my daughter. Go see the seven wonders of the world with hubby and Miss AOI. 
My questions:
1. when was the last time you went clubbing?
2. when and why did you start blogging?
3. Who inspires you on the blogsphere?
4. When was the last time you went clothes shopping?
5. What did you buy?
6. Do you follow fashion trend or do you create your own style?
7. Paper Book or kindle Book.
8. White gold or yellow gold.
9. Do you do any sport?
10. Who was/is your celebrity crush?
11. Describe yourself in one sentence.
please play along by making a post based on some of the questions above.
xoxo, TOI

8 Feb 2012

Just In Case

as parents we want the best for our children, we want their happiness, health, love and we are ready to fight demons for them. myworld
before giving birth i wrote a post in which i expressed one of my worries as a future mother. as a black woman married to a white man, I felt that this society, in which we are becoming enslaved to ‘categorisations’, my child might be forced to enclose herself.
then my daughter was born, a healthy baby girl full of shiny hair, inquisitive big brown eyes, so beautiful some say she is like a doll, designed by God.  a pure sublime to both hubby and I, and her name suited her.
in an ordinary world one would say ten fingers-ten toes, but in our extraordinary world we say five fingers, one digit and ten toes. yes, my daughter was born beautiful, healthy, strong and clever but with one hand with one digit instead of five fingers
i haven’t said anything about that because i don’t want to enclose my child, because i don’t see that as a disability but i decided to write one post about my thoughts on the matter just in case i am seen by outsiders as if i am living in denial or that i am ashamed to talk about the incident.
i am not ashamed and i am not living in denial; i could talk about it day and night but what difference would that make to her. i choose to bring her up knowing that there is nothing wrong about having only one hand with five fingers, and letting her know that she is full of grace the way she is. because i believe there will be problem if we make it a problem.
i love my daughter so much and i would lie if i say i didn’t shed a tear days after her birth, that i don’t ask God why it has to happen to my daughter. and i would also lie if i say i don’t blame myself by scanning my mind to find out what i did to make it happen, or that i don’t worry about bullies at her future school. or how people will look at her differently at the knowledge. of course it saddens me to know that one of her lovely hands is not complete. but making that define her is not going to solve anything, although i am more fascinated by hands than ever before, i also know that she can do anything and everything she chooses to do because we will ensure she gets all the help we can afford for her to live life to the fullest.
i also believe there is a reason for everything and though that reason has to become apparent, i know for sure that is thanks to my daughter that one of my dreams will become reality. because when i ask the question why my daughter, the question why their children pops to mind. and i realise that there are families who have children with congenital upper extremity differences who don’t have the advantages and support we have at our disposition. and maybe for the first time i can help raise awareness, because thanks to my daughter i am more thoughtful.

6 Feb 2012

Long Lazy Sunday #5: Ice Everywhere

Yesterday I took my long lazy Sunday seriously and was lazy half of the day.

We didn’t go to church.

We were indoors until half two, then we went out to our local Farmer’s Market to be part of the fun activities and meet some friends.

There were many ice sculptures and the kids were sliding from the top of an ice castleicecastle later we went to a free outdoor rink. I saw this woman with her baby in the pram skating mamaskater {too could} wish I could do that. and our friend took his son for a skate on the chairdadcool

Hubby loves skating and he is proud of his skates he can’t wait for me and Miss AOI to join in the fun.daddycool

We had fun and to conclude we listened to Move Like Jagger.

That was my long lazy Sunday in my city.

How was yours? lazysunday4

Unknown Mami

P.S: please stop by TC30s to be inspire

3 Feb 2012

Week 10

Dear amore di mamma,
you are ten precious weeks young. You are little but you are growing very quick. Each day I notice a little change. I am taking photos of you like a mad paparazzi.dpweek10 I just can’t stop it. Every little smile needs to be captured because I want to be able to look back at these pictures with you one day.
I didn’t do a belly cast when I was pregnant because I couldn’t find one in time. Now, I would like to have a doll just like your size {60cm} with your features just because you look like a human doll. You don’t look like a baby of two months and half. Your full hair and alert bright eyes make you look wise beyond your months.
You’ve accomplished so many milestones already.
Let’s take stock.
You are friendly with other people and smile at smiling faces. You would then turn to hide your smiling face in my arms – I guess you’re a little shy girl. We’ve been to so many places together. Driving around the city with you in your car seat makes this place so beautiful. I really love having you for company.
Last Saturday we went to the art gallery with some other ladies while daddy was skiing in the nearest park. Then this Wednesday we went to mummy’s book club. We’ve been so many times to the library.
Yesterday we went to get your vaccination done and in the afternoon we went to see our doula. She was so happy to see you because she hasn’t seen you since last end of November.
You know me so well. When I sing you look at me and stop crying. Three days ago you started to use you fingers to comfort yourself. That was a mark that you are developing. However you still like mummy to comfort when you want to sleep, you cry when you notice that daddy or I are not there. You like to be close to us – especially me. You make crawling movements when I put you on the stomach. You rolled from you back to the stomach. You love to watch the butterflies on your mobile. You been interested in you image in the mirror but today you were looking at our images and smiling at the reflection. You watch television so intently I wonder how much you can really see. Maybe Such a lovely scene. Next month we will go to the movies together. Also sometime this month we will start taking you to the  swimming pool.
Big hug and love

2 Feb 2012

Breastfeeding: My Essentials

Today I want to share with you my breastfeeding essentials.
Eleven days before baby was born I expressed my worries about not getting enough milk in this post. Well, it turned out that I have plenty of milk. Thank goodness Miss AOI is a good feeder and she loves mum’s special milk.
It took my breasts six weeks to completely adapt to the idea that I need them to feed another human being. I believe preparing myself mentally helped the process be less painful – and I believe I have high tolerance of pain.
Also another thing that helped was watching Simply Breastfeeding dvd during one of our prenatal classes.This is the kind of DVD that best nursing schools should show their students to help their future patients who are new mothers. simply_breastfeeding_dvdIt is the BEST dvd for any new mother who wishes to breastfeed. I learned a lot from it and it boosted my confidence throughout the six weeks. In the dvd Shari talks about her own experience as a new mother taking on the challenge of breastfeeding. As a midwife/lactation consultant she explains professionally the benefits, the challenges of breastfeeding, and demonstrates how to breastfeed successfully. She also says that babies need just few drops of milk a day during the few days of life – that was a big relief for a new mother because you don’t have to worry if your baby doesn’t want to eat every two hours.
Having Shari’s encouraging smile at the back of mind helped me relaxed each time Miss AOI latched and the sensation of chilly on the eyes caught me by surprise.
Miss AOI managed to latch from day one.  But the following day it was painful like having needles in my spine. The following days I bleed but I persisted by running hot water on the nipples and using the nipple nurture balm from FairhavenHealth after each feed to sooth the pain and heal the nipples. It did help a lot – OH, the memory is so sweet, I miss those painful moments because each latch made me feel ALIVE. Now I use the cream to moisturise the areola to prevent dryness and I like the smell because it reminds me of my grandmother’s shea butter melted under the hot Ghanaian sun. I tried the nursing blend breastfeeding supplement but I am not dedicated as I am with the nipple cream. breastfeedingproducts
I take the pills occasionally and I believe if I took it religiously it would be good for my skin and will enrich breast milk – since giving birth my skin is breaking out and I need to take care of post-partum diet {should start eating healthily for myself again and STOP eating peanut butter}. 
Well, that’s me with some of my breastfeeding essentials. I would recommend the above products for those who will like to enjoy breastfeeding.
I DON’T want to lecture anyone but just share with you what helped me enjoy breastfeeding and bonding time with my little girl. Hope you find the beauty of breastfeeding in those products too – please, email me if you need encouragement in this journey called breastfeeding/motherhood, I would love to help.

1 Feb 2012

A Note To February

Before the first day of February rolls by, I want to welcome FEABRUARY with arms wide. May you bring LAUGHTER, peace of mind, health and LIFE to all my lovelies out there. May you be full of LOVE as you truly are.


P.S: thank you all for helping me COME UP with great lovely ideas for hubby’s birthday party. After popular suggestions I am going to host a house part with a small group of close friends – I can’t believe how quickly we’ve made good friends compared to living in London for five years. I will share what I will do in the coming days.

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