18 Feb 2012

3 Months – Our Ray of Light

Dear sweet daughter,
Three months ago today you graced us with your persona, presenting your tiny body which  sometimes we were scared to break. But your strength which many recognised strengthened our confidence as new parents.
Three months ago you latched for the very first time and the few drops of milk you took from me pacified my mind from the pain of my tender nipples. Nowadays you pull and latch onto these tough nipples.
At the time you didn’t smile, you didn’t show your personality but you observed these two strangers caring for you with naive smiles on their faces. I wondered what you were thinking. I counted each minute to see your smile, a sign that would tell me everything was alright.
Then two months ago you graced us with your beautiful heart melting smile. From that moment on I can perform like a clown to steal one smile and daddy does the same. Also two months ago you began to giggle and baby talk a lot to me. You started to baby sing the songs that we sung to you. You always give us a smile when we sing wheels on the bus. You also look at me interested, studying my moves when I sing and dance.
Nowadays, I try to translate your heees, eeehs, uhhhhs and sometimes I believe I can understand you. Because I answer you and you seem happy with my responses. Yesterday I told you to say something to daddy and you repeated something after I spoke. I then told you something else and you repeated, that went on for some short sentences. It was hilarious to witness. You’ve been definitely repeating my ‘hellos’ and ‘how are yous’.
Also, yesterday whilst lying on your tummy you lifted yourself up on the lower arms. Some weeks ago, although you could do that, you didn’t like lying down for more than a minute or so. However, yesterday you were laughing and looking around. Oh, that was like a nail on my head because it shows that you are really growing too fast. You are three months old today.
In the morning you had your first bowel movement in the toilet. I am not trying to potty train you yet but it was convenient to let you go in the toilet because it was less work for me. I could sense it was going to be a big one and as we know it was going to be a messy diaper.
And today I left you alone with daddy for two hours for the first time. I went to another writer’s workshop and the tutor was asking where were you, because you are always with me. I missed you so much, but daddy did a great job. He changed – [he has been doing this for the past three months] and for the first time he fed you with the milk I pumped in the morning. You were about to fall asleep when I returned but you woke up for mummy’s special fresh milk. I was SO happy you wanted to have a little bit more milk from me :–D. 
Baby girl, I love your beautiful personality, your open smile and lovely deep brown eyes. Everyone sees how beautiful you are from inside out when they first meet you. You have a smile for everyone and I am glad you are such a jovial person. I hope you keep that sunshine about you. rayoflight But you cry when you don’t know the person who is holding you and you smile when I take you back in my arms.
Though the precious delicate moments of our early days with you as a newborn are gone, we are more than delighted to have you, our joyous little girl gracing our waking days.
You sure are our ray of light and we are happy at the sight of you, our most beloved daughter.
All of our LOVE,
Mummy and daddy


  1. She is gorgeous! I love her eyes.

  2. Awww...she looks a little mischievous in the best kind if way! She is just beautiful. Love the beanie!

  3. Ahh...I just can't get enough of her eyes! Beautiful, TOI!

  4. I just love how you so eloquently capture so many precious moments and share them with us.

  5. Way to go! So great hubs could care for her while you got a chance to get some time for yourself. She is really a beautiful child you are so lucky.

  6. Wow, it's been 3 months already. Time is flying by. I really enjoy these updates. She still has lots of hair and such an adorable face. I love how enamored you are with your daughter, so refreshing.

  7. Time has flown by so quick. Happy 3 months.

  8. Toi, She is precious. It seems like only yesterday you were blogging about trying to have a baby. Now she is here. And, she is a doll!

  9. gorgeous letter!!!! oh my god she is perfect!!! beautiful <3

  10. awwwww, so amazing. She's so precious. Time flies by. I look at my own kids and I could have sworn I just took them home from the hospital.


  11. I love her eyes, too. So big and alert. What a blessing you have. :)

  12. Wow! 3 months already?! She is beautiful! Happy 3 months Berry!


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