16 Feb 2012

Coming Soon: She Rocks – a new series

On the third of this month I sent out an email to many of my fellow bloggers inviting them to participate in a new series I am hoping to start on my blog. I wanted to send to many more blogger but it was difficult for me to locate emails on some blogs. I want to share that email with you in hope that many women will like to join in this new venture.


Dear my lovely ladies,

I hope this email finds you all well.

I am writing to enquire if you would be interested in participating in a NEW SERIES entitled She Rocks.  I would like to host this series starting from March.  March is the month in which we celebrate women and I would like to take that opportunity to start this new venture which aims to share with other readers how we try to stay true to ourselves as women - single, married and with child (celebrating all women).

Long gone is the popular notion that marriage or motherhood turn women into these ghastly human beings. These days there are many women out there who are living proof that mothers and wives are taking their individuality in stride by doing little things that remind them of who they were/are. As a wife and a new mother I am trying my best to keep my individuality alive. I love my family but as one of my favourite movies quotes:

Motherhood [and wifehood]...is about accepting the limitation of time and energy, which stretch beyond you, even though sometimes it feels like they can consume you.

Search for and hold onto your true self. To lose that, what kind of mother [wife] can you be?

During my Q/A section Optimistic Mom asked me a beautiful question "…what makes you feel your best. Many new moms forget what it is like to have a day when its all about themselves. So tell when is TOI at her best?"
Based on that question I would like to open my blog for anyone who would like to share what makes them feel at their best as a woman. It is a series opened to all women, married without children, married with children, single mothers and ladies in relationships or single ladies. Really is about sharing what makes us feel our best as human being and as a woman.

I hope you will join me in this venture and share as individuals with collective aim: TO LOVE OURSELVES thus to be able to enjoy our family more.  Hope you can support me in celebrating us because You Rock, I Rock, Women Rock.... She Rocks!


Some of the lovely ladies, I sent the email to, pitied me were so kind to accept my invitation. Now, I don’t want to sound desperate but PLEASE, PLEASE ladies do say yes to be part of this venture. This will be another occasion to get to know the women that we really are and you will be making new blogger-friends and you will be promoting your blog and yourself... Have I convinced you yet :)? You will have me as a reader for life…, lol!!! 

you are all invited

Leave a comment in the box below AND, if you really want to PITY be extra kind to me, copy and paste the banner to announce this series on your blog.


I know I am asking a lot from you ladies but as The Sits Girls say “The secret to success is support.” So I am asking for your support in this endeavour.

xoxo, TOI.

P.S: your comment will not appear in the comment section because I might not have participants. That will NOT be okay because I am very enthusiastic about this new series and I will feel VERY SAD!!!



  1. I would love to do this! This is a great idea. How do I participate?

  2. Lol...you are too cute...I'm sure you will have awesome turn out!!

  3. I'll do it! But I already emailed you and told you that! :D

  4. Toi: Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'd love to participate. Thanks for the invitation.

  5. I would love to participate. But I'm confused. Are you asking women to write a post about the questions you've asked and then there will be some sort of blog link up?

  6. Hello Toi, hope all is well and you are adjusting to motherhood :) This is a great feature...ok count me in ;)

  7. Hello TOI sorry I didn't receive your email but mine is journeekapri@gmail.com. Thank you very much for an awesome series.

  8. I'm in! I'm snatching a badge!


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