9 Feb 2012

I was Tagged…

…first by Kath C @ Lovelace Files tagged me back in January and then Teresha @ Marlie and Me tagged me beginning of this month, and now I am playing along.
11 things about TOI
1. she loves old school movies – drama and comedy
2. she helped Catherine Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William’s wife – choose her first prescribed spectacles.
3. she has a diploma in optics – but doesn’t practice
4. she would love to learn snowboarding
5. her favourite dessert is cheesecake
6. she has more than 20 glasses
7. she used to dream to become a model, to able to become an actress to able to write her stories
8. she loved taking London buses, it was the best place to read, observe the world and think
9. she’s been re-twisting her own hair for a year
10. she collects family albums
11. she collects books
 Answers to Kathy C’s questions
1. What's your earliest memory as a child?
Good question. I am sure it is my father’s funeral. I believe that was the first time that I felt like waking up from a dream.
2. Do you prefer the toilet paper roll on top or bottom?
Roll on bottom.
3. Do you have a shoe policy in your house?
In the UK we didn’t have any policy but now we do because of Canadian policy – remove the shoes at the door before entering the living area (kitchen, living room, dining room and bedrooms.
4. What's your favorite season and why?
I love two seasons: Autumn and Spring, the first brings out my romantic and nostalgic side. Spring makes me fall in love again with everything around me. Plus both are not too hot or too cold.
5. Do you have a best friend?  What makes them special?
A best friend is someone I can tell anything and never feel like they will tell on me or judge me, right? My husband and my sister are my best friends.
6. How often do you blog?
Three to four times a week.
7. What's your appetizer?
Ham and melon.
8. If you could live anywhere in the world... where would you live?
9. Where's the farthest you've traveled?
Canada because I came from Europe, before that it was Far East Asia.
10. What do you consider your hobby?
Blogging and photographing {I need to learn more about it}
11. Do you speak/study any other languages?
Twi (one of the Ghanaian dialects) and Italian.
Answers to Teresha’s questions
1. If you could live in a cartoon, which one would it be and what character would you play?
Nadia of The Secret of the Blue Water, she is so gorgeous. nadiapage 2. What is your favorite cereal?
I am so into cheerios these days.
3. If you could have a talent that you don't currently possess, what would it be?
Motivational speaker. I know that I can do something to motivate people but I am not good enough. I wish i can develop that talent further.
4. In high school were you a jock, a nerd, a drama kid, a band geek or something in between?
I was definitely something in between. I got along with many people, even in the blog world i feel like i am everywhere.
5. Have you ever met a celebrity? Who was it, where was it? Did you act cool or like a crazed fan?
I’ve met few celebrities. Whilst living in London and working in one of the most prestigious areas of the city, I had the luck to meet some important names and national names. below are few of the celebrities i met thanks to my work as optical assistant 
celebrity1.Drogba is a footballer – he bought sunglasses. 2. Andrea Corr – a singer form the Corrs, she bought sunglasses. 3. Morrisse, musician, he bought contact lenses and multifocal glasses. 4. Daniel Craig he came into our shop because we trying to find coloured contact lenses for the young actor who played in Flashback of an Idiot.
I acted cool each time, because if I am in their position I wouldn’t like to have a crazy fan greeting me, i would like people to see me as a normal humanbeing.
6. Harry Potter or Twilight or neither?
Twilight, because i read the books and saw the movies.
7. When was the last time that you were REALLY angry?
i’ve been angry sometimes but i can’t remember when i was REALLY angry
8. If you could travel back and forth in time like in the movie Midnight in Paris, what period of time would you visit?
renaissance, heroine during the abolition of slave trade/slavery, civil right movements, independence for Africa, 1950s, 19960s, 1970s, 1980s,… now!
9. Is your belly button an innie or an outie?
Innie belly button
10. Do you have any strange phobias?
i am so scared of snakes, lizards, mice and rats. i have THE pho.b.i.a!!!
11. If the doctor informed you that you had one month to live how would you spend that time?
i would make sure that hubby knows how to take good care of Miss AOI. i would write love letters to Miss AOI and hubby making sure that they feel my presence in their loves every day and night. i would hold my baby girl tightly each second of my breath. and more group hugs with hubby and my daughter. Go see the seven wonders of the world with hubby and Miss AOI. 
My questions:
1. when was the last time you went clubbing?
2. when and why did you start blogging?
3. Who inspires you on the blogsphere?
4. When was the last time you went clothes shopping?
5. What did you buy?
6. Do you follow fashion trend or do you create your own style?
7. Paper Book or kindle Book.
8. White gold or yellow gold.
9. Do you do any sport?
10. Who was/is your celebrity crush?
11. Describe yourself in one sentence.
please play along by making a post based on some of the questions above.
xoxo, TOI


  1. This was pretty cool. I like getting to know more about you.

  2. I loved reading your answers!! Each day I learn something new and interesting about you!! :)

  3. Oh wow lady....you are pretty interesting life...you should write a book! 20 glasses huh?! One stylish lady!

  4. Wow how cool that you've helped celebrities choose glasses! That is seriously awesome!

  5. You have to be one of the most interesting people I know online! Thanks for playing along.


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