23 Feb 2012

Lifecycle… be inspired…

you ladies are AMAZING, when I feel encouragement, you all are here to lift me up. un grandissimo THANK YOU, than you for being part of this journey, you truly inspire me do keep on writing AND keep my uniqueness alive :).

and continuing on the inspirational thank you speech, today Dani posted on her blog the written version manifesto of The Holstee. I went to find the video and the video is much powerful.

Source: okdani.com via TOI on Pinterest


this inspires me so much because it feels like i wrote it. you see, i’ve written about these kind on inspirational quotes on TC30s and here and there on my offline journal, but having a manifesto for it makes everything so clear. 

i love blogging because it is a mega forum where we can all share experiences and inspire others.

as the manifesto reads “… life is about the people you meet, and things you create with them… [and] life is short, live your dream and share you passion.”

my passion is writing and reading. i am trying my best to complete a young adult fiction. i would love to be a motivational speaker. it’s based on this passion that i want to start this new series. it is a movement between us women to share, search and hold onto our individuality to make us confident. you are the people i’ve met and i want to create this together. some of you lovely ladies are already part of this series, but the more the merrier.



…is about you, about me, about her, about us… is a movement to keep every real woman's individuality ALIVE.

let’s team up for this new movement.

all the best,

xoxo TOI. 


  1. This was so well written...your passion definitely shines through!!

  2. Absolutely love this post! And it is funny how I could relate to so many points at this exact moment. Thank you!

  3. this is such an inspirational video i love all the cycling!

  4. I love that poster. I just printed out something for a frame I wanted to fill, but when I get sick of the one I have, that one might have to go in instead. :)


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