6 Feb 2012

Long Lazy Sunday #5: Ice Everywhere

Yesterday I took my long lazy Sunday seriously and was lazy half of the day.

We didn’t go to church.

We were indoors until half two, then we went out to our local Farmer’s Market to be part of the fun activities and meet some friends.

There were many ice sculptures and the kids were sliding from the top of an ice castleicecastle later we went to a free outdoor rink. I saw this woman with her baby in the pram skating mamaskater {too could} wish I could do that. and our friend took his son for a skate on the chairdadcool

Hubby loves skating and he is proud of his skates he can’t wait for me and Miss AOI to join in the fun.daddycool

We had fun and to conclude we listened to Move Like Jagger.

That was my long lazy Sunday in my city.

How was yours? lazysunday4

Unknown Mami

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  1. Wow, the ice castle is amazing!! It looks like it's made from glass!

  2. A wonderful Sunday! Love thr ice skating pictures!

  3. I seriously want your Sundays! haha. Mine unfortunately was rough. Had some crazy hip pain that wouldn't allow me to get out of bed in the morning. DH had to help me get up and out for a walk to loosen up the joints. Yay... pregnancy... :)


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