29 Feb 2012

Thoughtful Wednesday: History Is Like Honeycomb by T. A-A. I.

Note: Life is getting very hectic over this end. I am trying my best to keep on top of everything, mainly regarding my writing. I sleep instead of staying up writing when AOI is asleep after her early morning feeds. I am feeling very well. Thank you all for your best wishes. 

Now onto Thoughtful Wednesday’s post.


History Is Like Honeycombhoney

Sweet, tempting, full of goodness, made of not just Shakespeare, Euripides but of Biko, Alice Walker, Ben Okri, Nkrumah, you and I as a lesson to generation to come.

Visionary over the hill, like a messiah he was spoken through, sitting in brotherhood, colours of all spectrum, he stood for the nation – like a true beekeeper.

Not among the happy celebration of the 44th A-merry-can –  but like umbilical cord we trace back to King’s ‘I have a dream...’! In front of a box, we sung heartily to the songs of victory. He won but Jesse Jackson, Shirley Chrisholm were fighters, just like Malcolm X.

History is sweet like a honeycomb, yet pungent like a bee... Go tell “A-merry-ca” has not ‘disposed’ of the issue of COLOUR or culture, that not “... every [...] person in the world can hold their head high...” and say “The dream has come true...” At the dawn of victory the fashion insiders claim Black unsellable – skin lightened, White darkened.

Vogue, fashion bible, took up the ‘challenge’: July 08 is Black issue; it went off the shelves like hot honey cakes. Thirty percent advertising and lack of black models is glaring. Only the agency made history for its Black issue... Yes, history sting like a bee, yet sweet, sticky, smooth in the soul like honey. This history is you and I, each day, all year round, un-stoppable by one-sided history guardians. History is like honeycomb.


For me Black History doesn’t end after today. I really believe that Black History shouldn’t be celebrated during few months in the year, but it should be celebrated every single day. History is us in the making. Every single day we are part of history and we should celebrate and embrace our past, present and future for our children to know that yes we were alive. For me history is like honeycomb.

What is history to you? Do you agree that Black History should be an ongoing celebration?


  1. I definitely think black history should be celebrated all year round and not just one month...in part why I didn't do anything on my blog!!

  2. absolutely. like Mrs. Pancakes I didn't do anything on the blog for black history month because for me celebrating my heritage is on going.


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