3 Feb 2012

Week 10

Dear amore di mamma,
you are ten precious weeks young. You are little but you are growing very quick. Each day I notice a little change. I am taking photos of you like a mad paparazzi.dpweek10 I just can’t stop it. Every little smile needs to be captured because I want to be able to look back at these pictures with you one day.
I didn’t do a belly cast when I was pregnant because I couldn’t find one in time. Now, I would like to have a doll just like your size {60cm} with your features just because you look like a human doll. You don’t look like a baby of two months and half. Your full hair and alert bright eyes make you look wise beyond your months.
You’ve accomplished so many milestones already.
Let’s take stock.
You are friendly with other people and smile at smiling faces. You would then turn to hide your smiling face in my arms – I guess you’re a little shy girl. We’ve been to so many places together. Driving around the city with you in your car seat makes this place so beautiful. I really love having you for company.
Last Saturday we went to the art gallery with some other ladies while daddy was skiing in the nearest park. Then this Wednesday we went to mummy’s book club. We’ve been so many times to the library.
Yesterday we went to get your vaccination done and in the afternoon we went to see our doula. She was so happy to see you because she hasn’t seen you since last end of November.
You know me so well. When I sing you look at me and stop crying. Three days ago you started to use you fingers to comfort yourself. That was a mark that you are developing. However you still like mummy to comfort when you want to sleep, you cry when you notice that daddy or I are not there. You like to be close to us – especially me. You make crawling movements when I put you on the stomach. You rolled from you back to the stomach. You love to watch the butterflies on your mobile. You been interested in you image in the mirror but today you were looking at our images and smiling at the reflection. You watch television so intently I wonder how much you can really see. Maybe Such a lovely scene. Next month we will go to the movies together. Also sometime this month we will start taking you to the  swimming pool.
Big hug and love


  1. Love this :) The weeks and months go by so quickly and they really do sprout up before we know it. Enjoy every moment!!!

  2. so sweet! happy 10 weeks to your beauty!

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying each moment. Just lovely.

  4. So precious, these are the best moments.

  5. You are so right, she really does look like a little doll in that photo! Cute! :)

  6. That's the most beautiful picture and letter! She is just precious!

  7. Oh, what a lovely girl! She's precious! I love the way you're savoring motherhood; it's beautiful!

  8. Beautiful. I love how you are doing your best to capture the moment and freeze time by writing posts like this. Keep snapping those pics! What a gorgeous baby girl.


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