10 Feb 2012

Week 11 – Busy Bees

My dearest sweet Berry,
wow, I haven’t called you with your nickname in ages. I can’t believe it is already the tenth of February. Time is running too fast and you are already eleven precious weeks. I can’t believe how time is crashing into each other. You are growing beautifully with your own personality under my nose.
Sweet darling, this week we were two busy bees. We drove so much. As you know this week we were planning and shopping for daddy’s surprise birthday party – which will happen on Sunday. For this reason we went to Walmart four times.
Tuesday mid-morning we went to take your passport pictures – that was another stab that told you are growing very quickly. You looked like six months old baby sitting on that high chair whilst I was holding you still. You were the most adorable baby. You didn’t cry. Instead you were looking at one of the sale assistants who was making funny faces to help you look straight into the camera. You stared at her and after a minute you made up your mind you smiled back. You have the most contagious smile, straight from the soul – everyone loves it.
In the afternoon we went back to make a photo card for dad’s birthday. You were in my arms the whole time, looking at what I was doing and observing the people around us. After I paid for the order I put you back into the car seat but you wouldn’t have it. I picked you up once again and you stopped crying. You really wanted to see all the bright colours and life in the store.
Wednesday we didn’t go anywhere, because yesterday was another hectic day.
I went to our local health centre to have you weighed. They think you are tall for a two and half months baby, you are growing in height and the weight hasn’t increased as much as their chart would like, so they want to make sure that you are getting enough food.
The nurse referred us to breastfeeding consultant. She said I am doing everything fine, but we I should try to alternate breast at each feed. I know there is nothing to worry about but the fuss makes me worry. I am going to just relax and let you do your thing, because if the food was not enough you wouldn’t grow in height either. You are not a fussy eater but recently you get distracted easily.
Three weeks or so ago, I noticed how you feed a little and then stop to look at the picture collage I made for your room before you were born. It seems as if suddenly you’ve noticed that picture. From there on you look at the paintings and African masks around the house and get so excited you smile then quickly hide your smiling face in my arm, you repeat this for some time, before refocusing on feeding. You are so cute, you pierce my heart every time I look at you – I am so much in LOVE. browneye1
Many people tell us that you are so alert for a two and half old months baby. We are happy you are bright baby. You are also such a friendly baby, when people smile, you smile back. You only cry if someone you don’t know take you in their arms. But all in all you are a happy baby.
You are truly my wish come true.
All my love,
Mummy TOI.


  1. Such a sweet letter! Heheheh I hope your husband doesn't read your blog and find out about his surprise! :P

    1. I know he doesn't, too women's power for him, LOL, so i am safe :).

  2. How cute. Your letters to Miss AOI are so inspiring! Luv it! You are setting a trend here TOI. ;-)

  3. So sweet. Makes me miss my little ones at that age. Love it!

  4. Oh this is so sweet, what a lovely thing to do for your baby! Very cute, BTW.

  5. you all certainly have been busy! what a precious photo!

  6. I so love your letters to AOI. She is going to love these when she is older. So heartfelt


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