24 Feb 2012

Week 13

Dear my dearest little daughter,
the days are flying too fast, i can’t believe it’s already Friday. it’s incredible how you develop over night. this week you reaches for the toys we hand to you. you love to play with you Freddie the Firefly. AOIfirefly I believe you like the bright colours because as soon as we hold it to you you get excited and want to hold onto it. You also cuddle and sometimes I play peek-a-boo with the mirror that is in the wing.
the most exciting scene for me today was filming you attempt to play the piano. you try to repeat what we say and today you wanted to imitate dad playing the piano. i guess it was time that you tried, you’ve been listening to him play since you were in the womb.
you are such a darling, you looked at me and smiled, you were having so much fun.
OMG, how much do you melt my heart?
SOOOO much and I remain speechless and when i hold you in my hands and look at you it feels like holding my heart in my hands.
All my love sweet daughter,
Mummy TOI


  1. Aww... it's amazing how much they can grow and develop in such a short time. And you're right. It is like holding your heart in your hands when you're holding them. Motherhood is such a joy!

  2. She is just the cutest thing ever!

  3. It is amazing what babies can do at this age. They are so smart. She is beautiful.

  4. It's no surprise that she is so bright and beautiful...just look at her mama!

  5. She is a cutie!! You are so right on the time flying part. Your little angel is adorable.


  6. She's a darling. I totally know the feeling being a new mom myself :).

  7. She is soooo cute! Show me more!! :)


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