2 Mar 2012

BFF: Getting My Sexy Back

Hello everyone, {thank you for complimenting my new blog facelift, one luck reader can get a free blog facelift as well, stay tuned for more on this…}
Well, today I am talking BFF {beauty, fashion and fitness}, main focusing on fitness because I want my sexy back before April 8th (this will be another post). Before that date I have to be able to look good and not feel all over the place when it comes to my look [beauty, fashion and fitness].
After the entry post about my postpartum belly, I let myself fall into bad eating habits – double potions, sweets, cakes, soda and McDonald’s.
But from this week I am back to a healthy routine. After three months without doing any workout, well just few minutes here and there, this week I am serious about getting my sexy back. I want to be that yummy mummy.
I started Xbox Shape Up, and though I like it my heart is truly for Billy Blank’s workout DVDs.Billy Blanks Tae Bo I have fun whilst working out, plus he reminds me of my fitness instructor in London – but Joe is even fitter.
I am weighing myself on the Wii Fit to see the progress, I will post about that another day.
To set my mind into fitness gear, this morning I decided to check if there are new videos on YouTube and this is what I found…
the title caught my eyes [Billy Blanks teaches Kobe, Lakers…Obama?], so curiosa as I am, I had to watch it. I was laughing tears after three minutes workout with fake BB, though a little bit rude, it is funny if you want a laugh.
After that silly video working out was even funnier.
Have a great weekend
xoxo, TOI
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  1. Good luck, lovely! I know how hard that can be.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  2. Go girl, get your sexy back, April is around the corner.

  3. You better do it! Get your sexy back girl! It is worth it and I know you will thank yourself for making the effort. Good luck... And what's up with April 8? ;)

  4. Yes!! Getting your sexy back is hard work but very necessary after having a baby. Routing you on. Go TOI, Go TOI, Go TOI!!

  5. Loving the new layout. and get it girl! You'll be fit in no time :D

  6. love this....i do Billy Banks too! And you can achieve your goal lady...we are rooting for you!

  7. you are awesome and you can do this!!! BB is awesome...just do it consistently!

  8. Oh I used to love Tae-bo! Just found your cute blog through the blog hop. I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!

    Follow me on Bloglovin

  9. Love the layout!

    You'll get to your goals, I can feel it!

  10. Love your new layout. So easy to follow! You go girl, I know you can achieve your goals. You always strike me as a woman who can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.


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