16 Mar 2012

BFF: Last Winter Snow

another BFF day, focus on fashion.

the weather is picking up. though i am looking forward for spring, because i LOVE spring, i don’t like the fact that it leads to the hot, sticky and mosquito lover summer, yet i am contemplating where we can go and spend our summer holidays – well, first we are going to Europe next month.

***I CAN’T WAIT to see London, Veneto and Devon***

we went for a walk, i am loving the last winter snow. it might snow again but it won’t be the same, the new snow will be spring snow. this jumper is vintage, long time ago it was a new gift from my sil J.

i believe it’s time to bin it, because my breasts are not the same size as they used to be.  but i really like the style and i find it hard to give up on something i really like, i will try to find something similar to replace it with.ellejumper3


hat: knitted by my sil M

specs: Blue Bay @Occhialilandia in Italy

Jumper: elle gift from my sil J

vest: love culture @winners

boots: weather spirits @walmart


Question: do you ever struggle to get rid of your clothes?


  1. That hat and sweater are so cute!

  2. I always struggle to get rid of clothes.

  3. I constantly do! I think it looks great on you though :)

  4. Ooh look at all that snow!! I'm waiting for spring too!

  5. Love your blog.... The snow is gorgeous. I'm in Miami... I miss the snow !

  6. YAY for the trip to London next month. We went there when T-man was about 4 months too. It was such a great trip. I just wish we were going too so that we could meet for real :).

    To answer your question, I have the most difficult time getting rid of stuff, I am such a hoarder when it comes to clothes.

    1. It would be awesome, maybe next trip :).

      We would be so bad if we were teamed up to get rid of clothes

  7. Yup I have a big problem getting rid of clothes! I always think maybe I will wear it or maybe one day it will fit, etc. I've gotten a little better but it is still so difficult!

    I love your outfit!!! The hat is so pretty. :)

  8. Look at all that snow! You must love the cold weather. The outfit is fab and you are looking amazing. I have a hard time giving up my favorite pieces of clothing too.

    1. Thank you lady, I don't mind the cold weather but spring and autumn are my two fav seasons :)

  9. Cute hat. The cropped sweater is cute too! You must have a higher tolerance for cold than I do, I would be freezing if there's still snow on the ground. Yes getting rid of clothes is tough, I've done it and then sometimes I look for that particular piece and realize I got rid of it. That's happened once or twice. I do like having space though.

  10. Love your outfit. The snow looks amazing. No more snow here in the states. We actually barely even saw winter this year.
    A bit jealous now of the snow =(

    Great blog. New follower from the blog hop.

  11. awww, love your outfit! casual and chic. :) thanks so much for following! i love your blog, and definitely am following via google. hope you have a great day!

  12. hey doll,loving the snow outfit and my email is saziefionayi@yahoo.com,check out my new post


  13. That's the cutest hat - it looks great on you! Thanks for taking a moment to stop by and say hello. ;-)


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