1 Mar 2012

A Note To March

A year today March you brought us the Canadian visa which allowed us to come and live in this beautiful country. I am grateful for your kindness.

I know in most place around this time of year you bring warm sun that recalls spring. The awakening of seasons. I know in this city where I live you bring cold and snow but I am okay with that because that you will bring sunshine in the heart and soul though out will be white snow/muddy snow until the next month.

I want to welcome you, MARCH, with arms open wide. May you bring more LAUGHTER, peace of mind, health and LIFE to all my lovelies out there. May you be full of SUNSHINE as you truly are.rayoflight

{i really love this picture}

P.S: what do you think of my blog face lift? i need to catch up with my comment on your blogs ladies. i’ve been reading post but haven’t had chance to comment. bare with me :).

SHE ROCKS WILL KICK OFF NEXT THURSDAY, PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR POST or let me know if you would like to participate.



  1. Toi I will participate please email me with exactly what your looking for and I'd be happy to post.

  2. I love the facelift! So clean and open and love the pictures. Can't believe it's been 3 months already! Time files for sure!

  3. Love love the letter to March! What a difference a year makes...life is sooo good!! The facelift is great...the colors are soothing!!

  4. she is so adorable, and I love your changes!

  5. Absolutely Beautiful....your daughter is<3
    and the facelift is an inviting warming home.

  6. The difference a year makes. Love the pic of you and miss AOI and definitely like the new style

  7. I really like your updated blog facelift! :)
    Sorry I haven't written a post, I've been really sick. I'll try to do one this weekend. :)

  8. I like the blog makeover! Miss Berry looks so cute in that hat!
    Happy Spring!


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