5 Mar 2012

Sunday In My City

Saturday we went to the swimming pool as a family of three for the first time. yesterday we drove to church but the door was closed, because i am sure the service was held in another venue.

we were going to the mall when i phone one our friends to invite her for a poetry evening. i received a missed call from earlier, they wanted to invite us for a picnic at the outdoors rink. we went to join them at our favourite ice rink. skates

the sun was bright and shining.

she prepared some pita bread sandwich. pitafilling we were the only three young families there.AOIdaddythis time i couldn’t resist trying skating a little.1stsoloskate we also skated as a family.

oh, you can laugh, i look awful, i look like… hahaha, LOL. after ten minutes i was tired and my back was killing me, but i loved it!!!familyskate

our Sunday was long but not lazy. in the evening i went to listen to some poetry. we really enjoyed our weekend.

how was yours? what did you do?


  1. you look way better than I would...I am definitely not a natural ice skater!

  2. That last picture made me gasp! Being a southern girl and not into any winter related outdoor sports, I had no idea this was something you could even do with your little one. WOW!
    Looks like fun, but I'll just take your word for it. ;)

  3. Such an a fun way to spend a sunday:-) love the last picture of your family skating:-)

  4. I would be on my behind!! You def look better than I would ice skating!! Looks like a great wknd!! Love your new blog look!

  5. Ice skating and pitas? Sounds like a fabulous day! Love your photos!

  6. That ice skating looks like fun! I've been before, but never outside!

  7. Great picture. You're way better at it than I am. I only ice skated 3 times in my whole life. I rather bike. It's great to see the family out together enjoying the ice.


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