20 Mar 2012

Trendy/Trashy?: Baby First String Bikini

going to the swimming pool is part of our weekly routine, Miss AOI loves being in the water. She’s truly a water baby. Wednesdays and Sundays are our pool days.

i went to buy her these cute swimming nappies  by bummis. swimmis they are fun and sincerely they don’t scare the hell out of me because they allow her to be a baby.

i remember long time ago children wearing only shorts and not worrying covering the top because let’s be honest what are they covering. i believe children should be allowed to be children by wearing innocent outfits.

but having a cute swimwear as thisblooming is going to be nice when she gets a little bit older, so when i started to look for new swimwear for my baby and found these slide4 slide7

1 and 2

i was taken aback,… aren’t they still in diapers at this tender age, and why are they wearing string BIKINIs? isn’t like bringing up these little children to become too body conscious, like some kind of young Victoria Secret models?

well, i don’t know… what do you think? baby first string bikini, trendy or trashy?


  1. this is certainly a little hard for me. I actually have some adorable pictures of me in a little bitty bikini from when I was a baby girl...but times have changed so much in 30 years so I don't plan on putting Elyse in a string bikini!

    On the other hand, where did you find that adorable polka dot bathing suit? It's too cute!

  2. I think those particular bikini's are trashy. Is there even room for a diaper?

  3. I do not like the string bikini. I like cute two pieces on babies but the yellow polka dot is a bit much.

  4. Me no likey. Looks like there's no room for a diaper.

  5. These are awful. Where are people's boundaries when it comes to kids?

  6. Hmmmm. I must admit, the photo of that baby in a string bikini made me cringe. I can't quite put my finger on why...but I definitely think it has to do with robbing our children of their innocence. I must agree with Journee...it's just a bit much.

  7. tough one. while it's not my preference, I think babies can get away with wearing stuff that would be cringe-worthy on an adult.

  8. I am a fan of babies in bikinis, now I don't know about the string ones! But it is cute.... I dont think a baby could could be trashy : )

  9. I sometimes give the side eye on adult trends on small children. Some things are kind of cute (like knee high boots without a heel) but string bikinis are a bit much. I'm with you- let the children be children.

  10. I say let kids be kids. They don't need to worry about fashion. Yes the binkinis are cute, since baby rolls are adorable, but string bikinis???? That is so over the top. I do love the pink polka dot hat and bathing suit, though. Adorable!


  11. Personally, I don't see the big deal, especially when they are so little. I don't think that they have any idea of fashion anyways at that age - so it's not like you're starting a trend.. My only problem with that is how much of their skin is being exposed to UV rays - but that's what sunblock is for. I think it's for each person to decide.. I definitely wouldn't think that someone was a bad parent just because their daughter was wearing that bikini.

  12. I personally don't want my Abby wearing clothes like the string bikini. I will dress her in age appropriate wear. I want to preserve her innocence as much as possible, which brings me to the pressing question of the hour. Where did you find that cute pink polka dot swim suit? I MUST have that for Abby this summer!!!

  13. Not a fan of the string bikinis... it's not appropriate for babies. I get the idea of being an adult-like cute. But it's more of a nuisance. They don't hold a diaper and they just roll up on top since there is nothing to fill them! :)
    That polka dot suit is adorable!! Where did you find it?

    1. i am trying to find the link due to popular demand :)

  14. NO!!! There is no reason whatsoever to put a baby in a string bikini. I can't really say it sexualizes them b/c to me there is nothing sexy about a little baby...but there is just no reason for it. Trashy.

  15. Trashy all the way. String bikini, not on any child of mine. To each their own tho.


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