27 Mar 2012

Trendy/Trashy?: Willow Smith Fashion Sense

some call it a child with avant-garde fashion sense, willow-smith-photoshootWillow-Smith-Fashion-Style   62571136others call it a child with weird fashion sense,2hmd1dg 42807PCN_Pinkett    willowstyle2 willowstyle3 and me?

all i know is that these pictures click something in me willowstylereminding me of a character from Avataravatar

how about you? what do you think of Willow’s fashion sense, trendy or trashy?


  1. i think she's doing a bit much to only be 11 years old. it's not for me, but her parents must be OK with her choices. *shrugs shoulders

  2. You are too funny regarding the Avatar comment, lol.
    I don't think it's trendy. I don't know if I would call it trashy. But I think she is way too ahead of her time with her fashion. She is too young for all of that. I personally wouldn't let my daughter walk around with her head shaved and those outrageous clothes. But then again she's in Hollywood and this is what sells. Right? I'm just glad that everything is covered up.

  3. I love her independent fashion sense. She marches to the beat of her own drum and she doesn't let what others do influence her style. I teach middle school age girls and she is unique. Love it!

  4. You're only a child once. I think that her fashion sense is part of her way of playing dress up and finding out who she is. Besides, I'm pretty sure her parents are glad that she's experimenting with fashion instead of drugs and boys. We take the whole clothing thing way too serious.

    Fashion is about having fun and setting yourself apart from the pack. After all doing what has already been done and dressing like everyone else is such a bore.

  5. I love that she is so unique with what she wears! The fact that she can wear such outrageous clothing without any worries is admirable! So trashy? No. Trendy? No. Unique? Yes.

    P.S. I will guest post for you, just let me know what you need from me :)

  6. I must agree. Not trashy at all just very unique, and its adorable! She's not trashy because she is still covered and not exposing her self she's only 11 and playing dress is fun!

  7. I think its okay. She's young and expressing herself through her clothes. I say it can always be a lot worse with skimpy outfits, but this seems okay.

  8. I'm just glad she's not dressing like a tramp.
    Would I want my 11 year old dressed like her? Nope. But would I reign my 11 year old in if she wanted to dress like her? Nope.
    I'd reign my 11 year old in if she wanted to dress like a tramp tho.

  9. Sometimes I find her wearing great trendy outfits but there are times that I don't like what she's wearing. But I think it's cool. I agree with YUMMommy, it's better that she's experimenting with fashion than with drugs and boys.

    Found you through Blog Love Therapy Blog Hop! :)

    1. I agree, that she doesn't do drug or boys but then she is only 11, I wonder what will come up four to five years down the road, i hope only more fashion experiments :)

  10. I think she is a little girl just playing dress up! She is fortunate that her parents can afford to buy her all of those fun things...like those tennis shoes. I don't think it trashy or trendy. It's just Willow.

  11. It's definitely out there.. but at least she's not wearing "less"..and if she's comfortable expressing herself as so... more power to her. :)

  12. I don't find her to be trendy or trashy. I think she is lucky to be in a position to be able to express herself through fashion. I went to a private school where we had to wear uniforms- a very strict dress code. We weren't even allowed to wear nail polish- I think that contributed to my jeans and t-shirt lifestyle now. While I don't htink I would allow my daughter to shave her head, as a celebrity child you are able to "get away" with a lot more.


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