2 Mar 2012

Week 14 – Social Networking

My dear sweetheart,
You are sleeping in your bouncer as I write this. You were drinking some of mum’s lovely milk when you fell asleep, you often do that. You look so peaceful when you sleep, once you are up you move a lot. You want to see everything, I love the fact that you are discovering many new things. I wonder if you will remember something when you grow up. When I am watching a movie and I turn you around to face me you want to turn back to watch the screen. I’ve written this before but this time your desire to watch the screen is stronger.
This week was another busy week, but very enjoyable.
Monday, in the morning we stayed at home, reading and writing. In the evening I went to the writing group I and another woman have started. It was great to be among people with the same passion and focus. We really want to make it work, for this reason we will meet every Monday from 6pm to 8pm. I have to leave you alone with daddy so that I can go to this group. I really you don’t mind, because I want to make it work. You are inspiring me to work harder at my passion. I want to earn the title I’ve given to myself: WRITER.
Monday I didn’t organise myself properly so you didn’t have enough breast milk for the two hours. Daddy had to turn to the formula I received before you were born. I felt bad, but it was better  feeding you with formula rather than leave you to cry. This formula prides itself to be close to breast milk. You did enjoy it, but I still prefer to give you my breast milk so easy and economic. Since that day I am pumping more milk so you have enough for next Monday and weeks to come. Thinking about when you start eating solid food, I’ve started to put some in the freezer.
Tuesday we I had a BUSY day, well when I have a busy day your day is busy too. In the morning I had to send some poems out for possible publication in an anthology. In the afternoon I was interviewed for the local newspaper – showing my neighbourhood which I don’t know very much about but I willing to show they around. It was just ten minutes interview and a quick portrait, I hope I look good in it. I would have loved to have you in the photo but it was cold and you looked so comfortable in your car seat I didn’t want to take you out. I am trying to network for my writings.
After the interview we went to the library, I took so many children’s book for you. I am reading to you as often as I can.
Oh and we received your Canadian passport 1passport
we have officially become family of three with four [I have duo] citizenship.  We are waiting for the British passport and you will have a duo citizenship too. If  it was possible you could have had all four citizenship, lol :). 
Wednesday was another relaxing day for us. We stayed indoors for the whole day.
Yesterday we went to one of the city’s indoor playgroup. You are the youngest there. You can’t play with many of the toys but I will still go to sign up at that playgroup because it’s good to build up your future friends – baby networking.
I am sure this month our week is going to be something like what I described above.
This afternoon you slept four good hours, way to go sweetie, leaving me to enjoy my free time.
Until next entry ,
The one that loves you most,
Mummy TOI.


  1. That is so cute how she is holding the passport.

    1. Lol, she is so ready to travel the world

  2. I love the photo of the passport! That is a lot of citizenship, lol! :)

  3. I stored milk in the freezer when I breast fed. I didn't make a lot of extra but it helped when I was at work or ran errands.
    So glad you are making some time for yourself. ;)
    Cute picture.

  4. It's great that you are getting out and doing a lot. Cute photo of the passport :)

  5. She is going to be a well traveled baby for sure...so cute!

  6. Love the passport photo! Hurray for dual citizenship. First step to being a "citizen of the world"!

  7. Wish my daughters had dual citizenship. However, I am a descendant of American slaves. Our family go back to the 1700's in this country.

  8. Good luck with the writing group & getting your work published! Hope you all enjoy the playgroup. We are apart of one & the kids love it.

  9. Dual citizenship and still an infant! What a wonderful thing! :) You are such a wonderful mother! I hope, when the time comes, I am as wonderful as you!

    1. I am so sure you are going to be great mum when the time comes :)

  10. I love these weekly updates!! And she already has dual citizenship?! I've been procrastinating months to get my own passport renewed! :)


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