9 Mar 2012

Week 15

Dear lovely daughter,
this week was a quiet one for us.
We stayed indoors most days. Wednesday we were supposed to go swimming with some of our friends but we didn’t because daddy went to the dentist and on his way back home the car spun 180 degrees. He was so worried that he advised me not to drive because due to the snow the roads were dangerous. I was disappointed but I wanted us to be safely at home. In the evening when he came home we went for a walk and the snow was so high we had to push the pram with all our strength.heavysnow
Yesterday we went to the indoor playground but you were asleep so we stayed for only ten minutes. We went to do some shopping. I bought two poetry journals, a travel magazine for this province and children lullaby CD audio.
Today we didn’t leave the house, you slept most of the times and I finished writing the synopsis of my YA story and emailed it off. I made your first hair cliphairclipit’s not excellent but it’s a beginning
You are growing so well, I am happy about the way you can chat so much when you are wide awake. I love everything about you.
I love you so much and it is good to have some quiet times to enjoy each others company – it’s lovely to hear your cooing, you are a very chatty baby. In most photos you are talking :).
Well, sweet Berry, until next, all my love
Mummy TOI.


  1. Yikes! That much snow definitely sounds very dangerous!
    Also, I love the hairclip you made, it's cute!

  2. I love the hair clip! She is so sweet.

  3. Beautiful! Absoolutely beautiful...the clip is cute too!

  4. Quiet times are happy times. I love them. And that clip? A to the dorable.

  5. i love how adventurous your family is...and the hair clip is too cute!

  6. She is so beautiful. And the snow, that was my part of the world last winter.

  7. lovely post,cute baby


  8. Goodness! Lots of snow for you! Glad you guys are trying to stay safe!
    That little hair ribbon is adorable! And look at how much beautiful hair she has! Gorgeous! :)


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