23 Mar 2012

Week 17 - Milestones

Dear amore di mamma,
this week was the week of milestones for you. Tuesday you had your fourth month vaccination – three shots. You cried but not for too long. You slept for most of the afternoon, you were fine by the time daddy came back home from work.
Wednesday we went to the swimming pool alone, our friends didn’t come to the usual pool. The same evening, whilst we were preparing our dinner, I you roll from your back to your front and then front to your back again. Daddy couldn’t believe it but you did that again. You wanted your pacifier. That was incredible to see.
You can sit down without support for few minutes. You are trying to lift yourself to sit and every time I take you lift you up you pill yourself off the seat. You’ve been practicing your walking movements and you do lots of crawling movements when you are lying on your front. I also noticed that you reaches out to your cloth and mirror board books. clothbook
You respond so well to your Ghanaian name. I call you with both your first and second name because I want you to learn and like them both.
Today you tasted a piece of banana and a clementine. It was so funny to watch you. You are so ready to start eating some solid food. Hopefully next week we will introduce something, with the help your auntie N. – yes, your favourite auntie is in town, you smiled so big as soon as you saw her at the airport. She brought you such lovely outfits, I can’t wait to try them on you :).
I am stopping here because you are sleeping and I better sleep; this weekend is going to be hectic, I can tell.
Un bacione dalla tua carissima,
Mamma TOI


  1. Awwwwwwwwww she is growing fast!!!

  2. I've just finished making the parts to a hat for baby AOI. Next her booties and then I'll send them to you. I can't wait until I finish and you get them. BTW, the hat is sized for 6 months to 2 years.

  3. Wow she is doing so much. I know you're a proud mama

  4. milestones galore, she is getting big girl.

  5. Congrats and best of luck for the sweet sweet moments you will experience with your little one! Love your blog and the style of your writing! BTW, I came thru ur blog via blog hop! I am following you via GFC and would appreciate if you could check out my blog and follow back! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  6. This is such a lovely post.

  7. Look at those cute little feet!!! Doesn't it feel like she just got here? Already she's four months. Time flies.

    And yes, when you can manage - sleep while she sleeps! :)

  8. Good Afternoon TOI,
    I've finished baby AOI's hat. Now, I'm making the booties. I'll post pics of the hat sometime tonight! I've not made this type of hat before, but I thought it was so cute that I had to make it for your sweet baby girl. Pics will be up around 6 pm EDT.

  9. so beautiful! glad she is responding to both her names...how sweet!

  10. Gosh she's growing too fast!!!... slow her down!! :)


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