6 Apr 2012

BFF: What I Want For/From My European Holidays

i can’t wait until Sunday., i feel like i don’t want to do anything else.

i have my soul already in Great Britain and Italy. i can see myself in the shops of London, sightseeing the city with AOI and my SIL, or at home in Devon with my in-laws and sister in law, whilst hubby is in Bangladesh for work. i can also see myself and AOI at home in Italy with my mum, my brother. my mind eyes can see my mum carrying AOI everywhere. i can see AOI and me in the piazza of Vicenza, my hometown. Showing her off to all our relatives and friends. we will go sightseeing in Verona.  meantime hubby will be in Austria (Vienna) for a conference.

But I am also daydreaming about what I can buy while in London.

For my hair I needforhairlock gro, conditioner, shampoo, rosemary oil, herbal oil

for my body and AOI’s delicate body i need forbody

then I want to buy few things, these are the items i have in mind.forfashion

i can’t contain myself. in our spare bedroom i have all the items i want to take with me but i haven’t even packed.

i better go back.


  1. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

    Have you got an account in instagram?
    If yes, write me your name!

  2. i'm absolutely digging that hat and pale blue skinnies! so pretty!

    loving your new blog look!


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