12 Apr 2012

Mrs Pancakes: She Rocks

I am over the moon that TOI has started this amazing series.
I loved the name, SHE ROCKS, immediately because as women we do rock in every single way.
Thank you TOI for giving me this opportunity to reminisce a little.

Since being married, i have become my husband's wife, his Mrs. 
When we have children someday, i will become a mother. 
Before that time i was a College student. 
And before that i lived at home and was my mother's child. 
But somewhere in my twenties, after College and moving out of my family's home,
i remember this carefree young lady who was fearless, motivated
and always on the go with my friends. 

One of the ways that made me fearless was through my travels. 
I LOVE to travel and traveling was definitely what made me fearless and made me ROCK!
I was definitely happy to write this post because it allowed me to reminisce.

I traveled to Europe several times in my twenties and one of my fondest memories
was going to London, Italy, Switzerland, and Paris all in one trip. 
That was perhaps one of the most funniest trips of all time. 
I was MOTIVATED to maximize my time in Europe as much as possible and it was beyond fun!

Another time i ROCKED was when my girls and i took a trip to Maimi. 
The Miami was unforgettable because we had a blast as friends
and were able to experience two new places that were beyond this world. 
We were even invited to a basketball game by an NBA player as his personal guests.
  How fun is that!


Miami Skyline!
We went to Barcelona on a total whim and had such a fun time.
We went out dancing every night
until 6 or 7 in the morning and sleep throughout the day. 
Needless to say we didn't see much of the city in the day BUT we did a lot.
The people were friendly, the sangria in the mid-afternoon was amazing and the city was a blast.

Sagrada Familia

Looking back i am reminded of all these amazing moments that made me ROCK!
These times in my life remind me that i can still be that fearless and motivated on the go young lady.
And because i am his Mrs, a mother, a daughter, a student doesn't mean i can't still be that girl who completely and utterly ROCKS!

Thanks TOI, i definitely needed that reminder!

bouquet11 Mrs Pancakes. blogs at Adventures of Team Pancakes, where you can find the ramblings and experiences of Team Pancakes as newlyweds! Why Mrs. Pancakes? Because her man loves him some good and fluffy pancakes!
Thank you Mrs. P for the lovely post.
I am currently in Britain and I can tell that travelling with baby is adventurous but it makes me feel good and I can tell I am still that woman who loves to travel and take pictures to remember where she is on holiday.Devon1


  1. I really love your blog!!! If you want take a look to my new blog!!! Follow each other?? Follow also on Facebook and Bloglovin?? Of course I follow you back on both!!! Let me know dear! kiss :D


  2. Thanks for sharing! You do rock! You have had some amazing travels.

  3. I love Mrs. Pancakes. Yes she does rock. She's been many places that are on my bucket list! Love it!

  4. This was totally a fun post to do....thank you Toi!

  5. What fun adventures! I love traveling and Mrs. Pancakes!!

  6. What a totally fun post! Love traveling and sharing in the travel adventures of others.

  7. you really are adventurous! I look forward to reading about the trips you take with Mr. Pancakes. you and I have made similar footprints across Europe. I still haven't been to Paris or Spain...hopefully soon.

  8. I am obsessed with The Adventures of Team Pancakes!!! Mrs. Pancakes is so funny and witty! And I love the way she encourages healthy marriages and lives! I'm always telling my husband that (if only we lived closer) we would be friends in "real life". She totally rocks!!!


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