7 Apr 2012

Eating for Two

These days I wish I was still pregnant and still conscious about what is good and bad nutrition. When I was pregnant I was conscious about my health and learnt about what to include in my diet to have a healthy pregnancy. The following nutrient superstars were my number one priority nutrition choices, they are rich in vitamin and mineral, tasteful and healthy for baby and mummy.

Fruits – Mangoes are chock full of vitamins A and C and also potassium. They are also quite the versatile fruit, delicious in a smoothie, salad or soup. Kiwi is overflowing with vitamin C and even offer laxative benefits. Enjoy in a smoothie or straight from the source. Avocados are a pregnancy superfood. They are bursting with folic acid, the quintessential pregnancy vitamin, along with potassium and vitamin B6, which helps with morning sickness. It is a high-fat fruit, however, so be mindful of your intake.

  • Vegetables – Broccoli is another food rich in folic acid along with vitamins A and C and some calcium, which is great for baby. Add it to dinner, throw in your stir-fry, or dip on the go. Carrots are a crunchy favorite for many, offering plenty of fiber and vitamins A, B6, and C that help develop baby’s eyes, bones and teeth. Much like broccoli, these can be eaten as a snack or sliced and diced into dinner, salads, or baked goods. Spinach is unstoppable in the nutrients department. Full of folic acid, iron, vitamin A, and calcium, you can serve it steamed or, for those who need it disguised, slip it into lasagna or other dishes. Red bell peppers have a number of similarities to carrots in the nutrient department. Vitamins A, C, and B6 make this veggie great to snack on or add to your dinner in multiple ways.
  • Grains, Oats and Nuts – Oatmeal can start your day out right as a warm breakfast or added to muffins or cookies. Enjoy the fiber, vitamin B, iron and numerous minerals. Add flax, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, to your granola or in a smoothie with other great fruits. Nuts, like walnuts, are another small snack that will provide the necessary minerals and vitamin E to your diet. Top your salad, add to your banana bread, or snack on a handful. Just watch out—they can be high in fat and sneak up on you in the calorie department. Whole wheat bread or pasta provides you with the carbohydrates you need for energy and include grains full of fiber, iron and minerals. Brown rice is a nice alternative as well.
  • Dairy – Yogurt is a wonderful source of calcium, protein and folic acid while providing the added bonus of active cultures to stave off stomach issues. In a smoothie, paired with granola, or as a substitute for mayo, yogurt can be eaten anywhere and anytime. Milk really does your body good. Famous for its calcium and protein, this source of vitamin D can wash down breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For those unable to enjoy milk, look to orange juice and other substitutes for sources of calcium.
  • Seafood – Fish is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids baby needs for development. However, avoid seafood with high levels of mercury, such as swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, or shark. Salmon, cod, crab, tilapia and shrimp are safe to consume while being mindful of amounts.

My doula says nutrition is just the beginning, at the moment she studying for her sonographer/ultrasound tech degree to be able to help more. Our world is lucky to have all these advantages to their disposition, because in easy steps we can learn the miracle of pregnancy, I wish every woman in the world had that opportunity.

I was reading these websites What to Expect and Mayo Clinic.

and I felt the urge to write something about pregnancy.


  1. This was a great post! I often think about wanting to have healthy eating habits when (if) I get pregnant. I never knew all of this. Very informative. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. this is great advice! stopping by to say thanks for the well wishes in my new bundle of joy and HAPPY EASTER!

  3. Great advice! Oh, how I love mango! Having my son has definitely made me healthier. I'm much more aware of that I'm putting on my body and on it because I stress about what I'm giving him.

  4. This is great advise even when you're not pregnant. I agree with Cam, since I've had my daughter, I've been more aware of what I 've been putting in my mouth and what I've been buying for my family.

  5. Thanks for the information! I have been trying to eat better since I had Joy! I am totally loving fish right now!

  6. Thanks for sharing. I think it is great to post about healthy eating for ALL people.


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