4 Apr 2012

Lost in Trans-media…

my journey in media networking.

Like some bloggers before finding my true love with blogger under Life of TOI [life is more than The Baby Plan], I ventured in many different media social networking sites.

It all began in late 1999. We didn’t have computer at home therefore I would go to our local internet point and sit in front of the screen from 8pm till 11pm.

Chatrooms were popular back then, I would sign up and talk to people I never met telling them how my teenage life was boring and how much I wanted to leave that town.

Then I stopped using chatrooms and signed up to hi5 (do you remember that thing?)

I think I started to be cool when I signed up to myspace. myspaceAfter a poetry reading I talked to one of the poets, he had an account on myspace to share his art with others. Facebook was becoming increasingly popular but I didn’t see the appeal because I wanted to share some of my poems with some like minded people. I created my first myspace account, but used it like five times. I used to like it because some of the artists I found there are now internationally recognised and some are writing for national theatres.

Around the same period I created my first gmail account. That was back in late 2006.

Then at uni. I took a class in web-designing. I LOVED it! Also around the same time, in the UK, a lady became national news because she published her first book thanks to her blog. This lady is now an international feminist journalist and she has written the sequel of her popular book.

I was inspired to start my own blog, I didn’t expect to get any opportunity out of it. I only wanted to share my art with like minded people. I started with a blog dedicated to my poor poetry writing. I didn’t like sharing some poems because I was scared that people might find it stupid or steal my work. I stopped writing on that blog and turned into a private space just for myself.

Once the blog bug got to me I couldn’t escape. I decided to start a different blog dedicated to young African-Italians around the world. I wanted the blog to inspire everyone who stopped by. I loved writing those posts, they were essay-like posts. But not many stopped by and I found myself becoming too political and race issue orientated. Then when I moved to Canada my life priorities were changing so sadly I stopped blogging over that blog.

However, I fell in love with the community of LIfe of TOI, when I started this blog in December 2009 I felt at home. I knew that I was going to stay for awhile. Though you might not know it yet, some of you are good friends. This community is the real thing and hubby always marvels at the support I get from my online friends.

I am not a computer or internet savvy but I am getting lost in trans-media. I am part of so many social networking site and apart from this blog I am doing so bad at the rest.


twitter {@TOItweets}

i wish I was good at twittering but I don’t know how to use it very well. I am trying my best.twitter-icon-1a

facebook {like me on the right}------------------>

oh, I nearly forgot that I am on

Source: google.ca via TOI on Pinterest

Pinterest {TOI}


bloglovin – i am not cool enough to be on it, LOL

Flicker – i will start using it properly

wordpress {for my writing}





Now onto the new thing that inspired me to write this long post in the first place

google+ {fresh from the google-der [the next great thing after skype?]} what it is?


vimeo {tempted to sigh up}

I am getting out of my mind. I am really lost when it comes to social media, there is too much out there and I wonder how they do it. you those who get more than 200 comments a day, because they must be networking to get all those comments right? how do they keep up with their followers

Questions: How do you stay on top of your social media networking? How did your love with blogger/wordpress began?


  1. ha! i forgot i even had a myspace account!! so many of these social sites have come and gone it's crazy how fast things change.

  2. I began blogging 5 years ago. I needed a diary and felt this was the best outlet. And I love getting readers and listening to others comments.

  3. Honestly I pick the ones I like and stick with it... There is always going to be something new. The bloggers with 200 comments I like to think this is a part time of full time job for them unless they have another method we don't know about. Happy blogging!!


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