25 Apr 2012

A Room With a View

I just got back from Italy, after a week of a wonderful hectic hiatus.

AOI saw her granny, my mother, for the first time. grannyAOIshe loves to be carried around.

she also meet another uncleuncleAOI they looked so sweet together.

I believe the time was appropriate, not too soon not too late.

I enjoyed more shopping, this time i bought only three pairs of comfy shoes shoes and few body products which I will share in future posts.

for the first time I sat at the window of our rooms, the sun shone on me, the wind cooled the room, i read a book while my baby was taking an afternoon nap.italiansun it felt good, it made me wanna keep that house for our future Italian summer holidays.

i enjoyed these views from different windowsarzview1

arzview4 arzview3arzview5azrview2

I don’t think I’ve ever seen my hometown under such splendour. it was so green and i couldn’t get enough of the valleys. i guess this is the case because in Canada we live in the prairies.


  1. Looks like you all had fun! Little Miss AOI looks so happy =) she's growing. The pictures from your trip are nice too!

  2. I love the pictures of Miss AOI and the family...so sweeet...she just has the best smile ever!! your scenery is just beautiful!

  3. AOI is such an adorable little doll! I love her curly hair! :)
    The views from your windows are beautiful. :)

  4. Sweet photos of AOI! I love the views from your Italy home.

    p.s. your guest post appears on my blog tomorrow

  5. love those pictures! our baby girls are growing so fast!

  6. What sweet photos of the baby!! I am glad that you had time away with your family.

  7. So Great Baby AOI got to meet Grandma and Uncle! You are so lucky to be in Italy! Enjoy your time there lady!

  8. Baby AOI is getting so big! How cute that she got to spend some time with Grandma and Uncle... such awesome memories! Italy looks AMAZING!!


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