18 May 2012

5 and 6 Months Letter Update

Happy 6th month birthday dear daughter.
Yep, today is your 6th month birthday. I can’t believe how fast time has passed. Today some of the early memories as a new mother started to flashback. your tiny body is now being replaced by a tall little baby.
let’s do a quick update
On the April 8th you made your first airplane journey. you were so good on the plane, did not cry, smiled to many people. Our first stop was London. You were good to mummy because we were going up and down the bus, walking the chaotic cosmopolitan city of London. You didn’t cry much because you liked me carrying you wrapped tightly against my  chest. P4111703 I made the wrap myself.
after three days in London we went to Devon for a week. you met your grandfather, aunty J, M, cousin KB and EFF. it was a nice reunion.
you didn’t mind having your aunties and grandparents holding you, but since we got back you don’t want unfamiliar faces hold you for too long. you prefer to play with people when I am holding you.
On April 18th we went to Italy for another week. you met your other grandmother, my mother, for the first time. two days after our arrival in Italy, your grandmother said that milk wasn’t enough for you, i new that but i am not ready to wean you. she bought few things for your meal adventure.firstfood  She introduced you to vegetable broth and semolina cereal.
you loved it and now i puree the boiled vegetable. you love courgette and potatoes. you don’t mind carrot. you don’t like pureed apple, too sweet for you.
when we got back to Britain you were christened by your grandfather who used to be an Anglican priest, he is in pension. it was a quiet affair, were just 15 adult, 1 toddler and you as a baby
right now you can sit down all by yourself, play alone. you are moving about a lot. you roll and turn and sit so easily, it all happened few days after we got back from Europe. it is incredible how you reach a milestone over night. i miss your newborn phase, but i am enjoying your every day growth. AOIsitting you are such a clever little girl, you love your ABC. since your aunty N introduced you to Elmo, you love singing ABC with him. when you are crying ABC or the sound of the piano can sooth you.
though you are good playing alone with your toys, you are at that stage you want my attention every second. i have to invent new songs to entertain you with. it is proving difficult to multitask, like writing you letter updates. i am trying my best to find balance in all my daily duties.
i love your belly laughs, they make me laugh – when you see me laughing you laugh more and i laugh more; it is pure happiness. the smiles you reward me every day are priceless and heart fulfilling.
oh, my angel i wish you more laughter, love and strength.
P.S: The week before your big journey your aunty N, from the USA, came to visit us. She told us a lovely news, you are going to have a little cousin to play with soon. We are so happy for her and uncle W.


  1. Those are some sweet memories she has with her grandparents. I too miss the newborn stage.

  2. Ahhh such joy in this letter! Happy 6 months! I can't believe it has been 6 months already!

  3. I can't believe she is sitting up and doing all these great things!! So excited to watch her grow:-) 6 months already wow!!!

  4. It's been 6 months already?! Yes, time does go by so fast. Glad to hear that she making such a great milestones. And 6 months is that age when they start to want to cling to you more. I think that the beginning stages of teething has something to do with it. Be sure to go start stocking up on teething rings to go in the freezer and Tylenol.

    And don't worry about baby food causing her to wean off breastfeeding early. JJ eats table food now and we're still breastfeeding at least three to four times a day.

  5. Such a sweet letter. AIO has been more places than most full grown people!

  6. Yay for having a new cousin on the way! What a blessing for them to be able to grow up together so close in age :)

  7. So sweet. Happy half birthday to AOI. I really like these letters, she will cherish them for years to come.


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