25 May 2012


… i feel like tearing my body apart to put the puzzle back together renewed,

… though i am drinking more than eights glasses of water a day but still my skin is SO dry, i need to detox BADLY but i am scared to cut things nutrients

… i miss my pregnant and glowing skin.tothemoon

… my fashion sense has left and even reading fashion and beauty blogs don’t do the magic.

… i am not sleeping long enough, but then again i have a baby who is teething, so she needs me more than ever – little cute baby, i can tell she is in so much distress, i wish i could take it away from her :(.

… i hope is just passing feelings – the one that overtake you when your period is imminent, i am breastfeeding so my period is not coming any time soon.

… i feel boring again.

…ON A BRIGHT NOTE: i am lovING re-writing my novel and reading One Day by David Nicholls – awesome book, it takes me on a trip through Europe {oh, I LOVE IT, so inspiring}

Enough of this randomness, well i will finish with a boring question

question: how do you achieve a healthy looking skin?

Please share and stay truly blessed,

xoxo TOI.


  1. Hey TOI I had the same problem after I had Bri. FIrst I tried Aveeno and believe it or not it did nothing for my skin, then I tried Juice Beauty. It worked so well. I've been using it ever since. It has help moisturize my skin and make it feel glowy again.

    1. i will look at juice beauty for that how are you doing?

  2. I have been using a scrub ... It just finished so I don't have the exact name. But it is a Target brand in an orange container. Hmmm I think it was an apricot scrub. I love it and it has been amazing on my skin.

    I also like Aveeno.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. i completely forgot about scrub thanks for reminding me :)

  3. You are not boring! You just feel in a rut. My skin always gets really dry this time of year. I recommend a good exfoliating scrub to remove the layer of dead skin cells then apply Vitamin E oil and a really good emollient lotion. Also, take some supplements for skin health like Total EFA (essential fatty acids). AIO will benefit too when the nutrients get in the breastmilk. chin up!

  4. thanks lady for understanding - i am feeling much better today. i am going to look into scrub. i am going try my hard to take supplements, i forget to take them

  5. I use a tea tree scrub with cold water. Cold water opens the pores for better exfoliation. My skin is usually naturally oily. When it gets dry during winter I apply vitamin E skin oil.

  6. My skin has always been very dry. So, I use a moisturizing bar instead of soap. Also you can get body conditioners. It works like a hair conditioner. You shower, then later on the conditioner, let it sit for a minute or two and then rinse it off. I also like to use olive oil to moisturize with.

    There are a ton of natural skin scrubs and facial masks you can use. I'm always Googling recipes. Glad to hear that you are still breastfeeding! And for the teething crushed ice helps. My blender has gotten quite a workout crushing ice for JJ.

  7. You boring, you are kidding me right. I find you not boring at all :).
    As for the skin stuff I don't have much to offer, I feel my skin could use some help too so I will check back to see what everyone says :).

  8. oh and as far as not sleeping enough, I heard that won't happen until our kids are much older. I have given up on good continuous sleep for the next 5 years (by which I hope to be done having kids :))
    Stay blessed TOI.


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