16 May 2012

Wednesday Italian Word: In Piscina

today we went in piscina {to the swimming pool}

Source: merolamoya.com via TOI on Pinterest

we {AOI and I} were supposed to meet some friends in piscina, but they didn’t show up. when we got there and i didn’t see them a part of me wanted to come back home, however i took the courage to stay there by myself with my sweet daughter.

the last time we went to the pool was more than a month ago. we walked in the water for circa fifty minutes. AOI was laughing, she loves water. it was a lovely early afternoon workout for me.


do you have any word in English you would like to learn in Italian?

just leave a comment below :)


  1. That's a gorgeous piece! Hope you're having a great week :)

  2. beautiful painting! My daughter loves the water too. I want to put her in swimming lessons soon, but I need to learn myself first

    1. you will have so much fun together :)

  3. The picture is lovely!! Glad you and the little one enjoyed your day at the pool!

  4. You know in french the word is piscine - how close is that to Italian. My son loves the water, it's a fight to get him out even after over an hour.


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