9 May 2012

Wednesday Italian Word: Primavera

I am back from our European holidays.

the beauty of returning from a holiday is that i am back to my own place, a little bit of tranquillity and a routine.

the bad side is that i have to unpack and it takes so long to do that because i have three bags to unpack and many garments to wash. i’ve washed AOI’s things, now i have to wash ours. plus i have to go food shopping.

however the weather was so nice that, yesterday I went for a long walk and my city is looking good because primavera, is in the air. P5082523 the dead grass i remember is now a bright green colour.

the weather is getting warmer and it was a lovely walk. i hope i can walk more often to lose the birth weight and the added holiday weight.

the italian word of the day is PRIMAVERA, spring.


  1. Haha primavera I always thought was the pasta dish! Thanks for sharing...sounds like an awesome day in your neck of the woods!

  2. Welcome back TOI. Must have been nice to connect with family and friends. How did AOI do with all the family members?

    1. AOI did great, she is such a friendly baby she warms to people easy. if you smile she smiles back :)

  3. I was thinking like Mrs. Pancakes! Looking forward to AOI updates!

  4. welcome home! I love springtime too. you've inspired me to go take a long walk today and enjoy the weather

  5. Glad you're enjoying spring in Italy! Happy Mother's day to you! It's Mother's day in the states tomorrow!


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