16 Jun 2012

Cloth Diapering My Experience: Part 1

Few new mums and future mums requested I write about my cloth diapering experience. Finalmente, after nearly seven months of parenting, I have time to write my experience with cloth diapers.AOIstanding

Most of you know that i wanted to use cloth diapers as soon as AOI [aka Berry] was born. so i did my research and i was glad to get feedback. during the search a very kind cloth diaper retailer on etsy was kind to give me more information on the various diapers. she also advised me to not worry cloth diapering my new born, because babies grow so fast and it is a pity to waste money on something that the parents were going to use for few weeks.

I was so glad for her honesty but I knew I was going to use cloth diapers no matter what she said. But I was thankful because she had a business to run but she was kind to let me know the disadvantages of cloth diapering a newborn. Throughout this time I discussed my discoveries related to cloth diapering to hubby. I wanted us to be both enthusiastic about it. He supported my determination to find the right product for our baby.

I made a cloth diaper baby registry but at the baby shower a couple gave us 90pieces of disposable diapers, another friend gave us 90pack. When AOI was born due to meconium we decided to use the disposable diapers. Just before i have birth a friend gave us eight newborn cloth diapers so few weeks after meconium was cleared we tried our first cloth diaper. AOI skin didn't take it well, rash was all over her little tush, because her skin had to get used to the change [it happened with disposable as well]. Fortunately the rash didn’t last long. Slowly I used cloth more than disposables. Another friend gave us more eight cloth diapers. Now, I am slowly stocking up.clothdiaper

We’ve been using cloth diapers full time since May. So far we’ve spent about $100 on disposables and $190 on cloth diapers. 

I believe it is convenient to use cloth diapers, because in the long run you save more and if you are planning to have more babies then your diapers are stocked.

Next time I will write about the different types of cloth diapers I am using and which ones both hubby and I like. I will also make calculate the costs for disposables vs cloth diapers.

If you are considering cloth diapers but you want more info, please ask me any question related to this topic. I will make the post relevant to your request.


  1. How interesting and they actually look like real
    Diapers!!! Thanks for the review...I will
    Be emailing you For More info!! Look how big AOI has gotten...wow!!!

  2. So I have a question. When you go out with baby AOI do you use cloth too? What do you do with the soiled diaper? I would like to use cloth one day when I have a kid so I was just wondering.

    Baby A is standing on her own already! very impressive!

    1. Yes, she is doing things very fast. I couldn't believe when she pulled herself up on a chair since then she is standing and sitting and crawling around the whole house :).

  3. Yay for cloth! My first was cloth diapered from birth until she potty trained. I agree the newborn diapers were a waste of money. with our son we used disposables for 2 weeks until he could fit into his cloth. I love cloth diapering!

  4. I love the last picture! She's growing so fast. I wanted to cloth diaper for cost reasons too. Fortunately we haven't had to purchase a single diaper yet thanks to the generosity of everyone at our shower. Still going 9 months without purchasing a diaper is a blessing! Now the landfills-not so much :(

    I'd love to read your follow up post


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