25 Jun 2012

Good Monday

Hello everyone.

so Monday is here, eh. monday

since we moved to Canada I kind of love Mondays because it means that I can start writing again. Weekends are reserved to quality time with family.

my weekend started on Friday, while hubby was at work we, AOI and I, went to the swimming pool with a couple of girl friends and their children. it was the 35th birthday of one of the mums. we bought her cupcakes and jasmine plant. the boy of the birthday mummy likes AOI, every time he sees her he comes close to her and smiles at her. both boys are sweet to her, hope they will be best friends forever.

we swam and relaxed by the pool.

Saturday we chilled at home, then we went to buy an amplifier for hubby’s guitar. i wanted to buy this biketrekbikecruiser{via}

but it was out of stock – i might buy it online, because the staffs were not very helpful. in the evening we went to a festival in town. Feist was singing, but that was closed show so we couldn’t see her.

yesterday, we went to the swimming pool with a couple and their sweet two years old boy was so sweet with AOI. she was wearing his hat so he would look at her, smile then hide from her. at one point she wanted to kiss him or bite him, we were not sure. i hope the friendship continues even when we all move on from Canada.

in the evening we watched To Sir, With Love. a very nice film.

well, that was our weekend. how was yours?

have a great week.


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I love when babies have baby friends. So cute!

    Have a great week!

  2. Our weekend was very low key. Nothing interesting. Due to rain we pretty stayed indoor. Glad you all were able to get out and have fun though.

  3. you had a fun-filled weekend! we had a farewell brunch and moving sale

  4. Hope you got a lot of writing done on Monday! The bike looks lovely! and i love that movie too...haven't seen it in forever!


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