18 Jun 2012

Month 7 – Wonderful Active Baby

HAPPY 7th MONTH OLD. you are doing wonders. i am so happy to be able to document most of these milestones.
Your front lower teeth are out – ouch, you can bite.
a week before your 6th month birthday you made your first crawling movements but it was until 22nd May that you made the bold move to crawl and stand up holding yourself on the sofa. it was such an incredible feeling to way patiently for you to lift and it was more than a privilege to video and photograph your achievement.AOIfirststand
it reminded me of a sprint runner on the marks ready to crawl. initially you lifted yourself on your hands and feet, in a down facing dog, then you went on your knees and began to crawl. since then you haven’t stopped moving and getting my attention. you practically go every where possible. under the dinning table, licking the table clean – you are such a help but i don’t want you to keep licking the table and the glass cabinet, not very hygienic. tastytable
Few days after your 6th month birthday we went for your vaccination and regular check up. You weigh 12kgs and you are tall 66cm. you are healthy, you love your solid food: pureed potatoes, carrots, zucchini, broccoli and rice cereal. today i introduced boiled normal rice mixed with a little bit of unsalted butter. you love it.
week 27 you started to teeth. I took a note on Friday 25-05-2012:
right now {14:50} you seem to be your old self again: bubbly and active, smiling at me from your play mat.
But this week you have been crying a storm. you are teething and i think it is bothering you a lot. it makes you so delicate and it pains me to see you in such state. i wish i can take all the pain away from your sweet little body. in fact i don’t mind you pressing your gum on my nipples if that gives you some comfort. though the teeth are not out yet, i believe you started to teething the last week were in Devon, UK. because you had many bowel movements.
i wanted to try to transition you in your own bed but you want me near you so i will wait until your teething adventure leaves you along.
the following week 28, Friday 01-06-2012, i noted
This week you didn’t cry as much as last week. i believe teething is settled. i can see the white of your future lower front teeth through the gum and if i rub the finger i can feel the sharpness. sometimes when you are feeding you bite the nipple, look up at me to check if i tell you off. if i say NO, IT HURTS, you think i am playing, i have to tell you couple of times, you start to cry, i comfort you and we return to feeding. this scene can repeat for couple of seconds.
You are mobile, that’s a great thing because you are my new personal trainer, AOIcrawlsi have to follow you every where to prevent you from going into the kitchen or trying to lick my crocs which i use in the garden. when you are trying to do something, i try to correct you. sometimes you listen, other times you look at me and pretend you don’t understand. other times you leave what you are doing stand up by helping with the chair or crawl to me and open your arms. that’s your saying pick me up. if you want to go back down you lunge, in this case i have to be extra careful.
daddy calls you his little wriggler, because you are fast and always moving if you are not eating or sleeping. you are one little  wonderful active baby. i love your curiosity. i wish you keep it forever, always explore and question, because in my opinion QUESTION is KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE is POWER.
your daddy is the best, you are inspiring him to make lot of wood work gadgets for you. he made this booster/chair for you.chairyou are our blessing.
yesterday, you woke up at 5:03am, normally after i feed and change you you would go back to sleep but this time you didn’t. after some minutes i remembered the surprise i wanted to prepare for daddy – bake him some cinnamon rolls – thank you for reminding me. you are such a thoughtful daughter. AOIplay
i love you so, SOOOOO, SOOOOoo much.


  1. She is just to cute! No turning back! She is going to get into everything!

  2. She is growing up! My little one still does not have any teeth! Is she eating a lot?

    1. AOI is eating everything and a lot, she has baby rice rusks when we are eating something we can't give her. the other day she wanted a spicy dish that we were eating and i had to give her something else to distract her.

    2. sometimes she just put her fingers in the bowl, lol :). she is such a funny baby :)

  3. so precious! Elyse is just starting solid foods & is loving her sweet potatoes & peas! I'm so excited to start giving her lots of other foods!

  4. she is like a curious bunny hopping everywhere and so cute and cuddly!

  5. Wow, she's becoming quite the independent little lady! And the Mr is really good with building things I see. The booster seat looks great.


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