29 Jun 2012

Monthly Sponsorship Swap + maternity photo-shoot

Hello hello Friday!

i wish i could say i’ve been procrastinating the whole week. but NOP i’ve been busy putting together my maternity photo-book.

it is a task that takes lot of photo editing, arranging and re-arranging. in the end i got something decent.


yeah why notmaternityshootnature{BAD LIGHTING, but thumps up for hubby co-operating with few- really FEW photos}maternityshootyellow{self portrait of a pregnant lady}maternityshootpink{ hubby did a great shot}

all the photos were taken by hubby and i. i am sure you can tell it is homemade maternity photo-shoot, but we wanted to be frugal.

i like they way the turned out, hopefully they will look good when printed via shutterfly.


did you read the title?

then yes, for a limited amount of time i am introducing Monthly Sponsorship Swap.

accepting 5 lucky readers

it is a FREE advertisement/exposure

this is a fun way to help each other promote our blogs and stand out like COOL bloggers.

if you need a button and don’t have the time and energy to sit in front of the computer, at a very LOW cost, i will create one which you can display on every website.

so what are you waiting for? just my email i guess

drop me a like at msbabyplan @ gmail.com


  1. I am loving the shots with your bare belly! Gorgeous! You and hubby did well with the shots!

  2. I think the shots came out great! I wish I would have been more into doing shoots during my pregnancies.

  3. ooooh, this is so lovely. I love maternity photos, I've done them both times and I treasure all of them.

    I really like the one of you in yellow. You look so happy and glowing. Can you believe that this was almost a year ago? time flies doesn't it?

  4. these are gorgeous...wanna shoot mine?!

  5. I love the pictures! I know the book is going to turn out great.


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