18 Jun 2012

Our Long Weekend

What a weekend.

Saturday was sunny and lovely. We went to some friends' house to return some baby stuff they lend us and have a chat. But before that we went house hunting. Sunday was grey and wet but, after church, we went house viewing. What?

House hunting/viewing? But why?

Because two doors from our rented house there is a house for sale, so we decided to look for houses to buy because buying is better than renting if we want to live here for the next five years. But we are in no rush because we want the perfect house.

For father's day AOI reminded me to bake some cinnamon rolls for daddy's breakfast

cinnamonrollshe also gave him a card with some of pictures with daddy.

I will share the recipe on Wednesday, but for now enjoy the view.

I was tired for walking too much this weekend but today I did yoga and I am feeling well.

oh and daddy made this buster/chair for AOIchair she is such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful daddy.

How was your weekend? What did you give your father for his special commercial day? if you have a child, what did your child gave their daddy?


  1. House hunting must be exciting!!! Can't wait for the cinammon rolls recipe. What's it like house hunting where you are?

    1. Houses seems nicer and good value for money. We just saw a place I like

  2. Yay for house hunting! So exciting!

    The cinnamon buns look incredible!

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

  3. i just saw at the top AOI is 7 months...wow...time is flying! Breakfast looked so good and how fun is her chair...

  4. I know AOI is growing very quick, she is very advanced

  5. YAY for possible house buying soon. AOI is getting so big, look at her standing. Glad your hubby had a good father's day celebration

  6. mmm those rolls look delish :) and what sweet memories!!! found you via the wiegands link up xo


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