30 Jul 2012

7 Years Ago…

…during a summer hot day, in front of hundred and plus family members and friends we were exchanged rings for the second time that year. ring1that was our lavish summer wedding. flower1

between smiles and tears of joy we were blessed husband and wife. thelovetree

today we give thanks and praises to the Lord for looking after us and  guiding us through these years of marriage, friendship and love. we give thanks for blessing us with a lovely daughter, the symbol of our union and love.

AMI I love you so much and I am glad to have you as husband.

always my # 1!

may god bless us with more happy and healthy years!




whilst hubby was packing and cleaning the windows of the house, I was watching the Olympic games and entertaining AOI. Today was my turn to clean the house. it seems a daunting task but slowly we are getting there.

thanks ladies for your kind words. really appreciated over here Smile!

28 Jul 2012

The House In the End

Where do I begin.
I will write and hopefully I will make sense to myself and anyone who is reading this rambling.

Three Fridays ago I went shopping with one my friends, then we went to her place for lunch and just take my mind off house hunting.

The previous day we saw a house which I didn’t like due to its awkward layout and small garden. Hubby liked it due to its location and potential basement suite. the same day we made an offer on the house. I couldn't sleep that night because it felt as if we were making a big mistake, plus my heart was madly in love with the house i mentioned in this entry. I couldn't take the place out of my mind eyes. However financially it was impossible being over 17.000 over our budget.

So, I was at my friend’s place taking my mind off that place when hubby phoned seven times. He had to leave a voice mail because i forgot my phone in the car. "the vendor of the house you like phoned me and said if we want the house is ours for 11.000 less the asking price."
"what? OMG! Really? OMG, how come?"
I phoned him back. He didn't answer. I phoned the vendor, she didn't answer. I was starting to panic. Luckily, hubby phoned and told me that we have to go to the place with our realtor. The vendors were selling the house privately so our realtor hadn't seen it.

By the end of that Friday we've written an offer for the place. Saturday afternoon we received the accepted offer. We were overly excited for the news, because we were going to get our dream house.

Monday 9th we began the long process for the loan application through a local mortgage broker and an online broker. Tuesday I we have the home inspection done. The inspector told me that though the house is 1959 built, minor issues, the house was renovated with high quality materials.
Wednesday the online broker phoned to let us know that we shouldn’t use our local broker because he was complicating the application. Friday 13th the local mortgage broker phoned to say that the mortgage company refused the loan application because we don't have our permanent residency, and for this reason we couldn't put 5% down payment.

The online mortgage broker said it was possible even if were are not permanent residents. We asked the vendors if they could extend the conditions another week. They agreed.

Monday 16th we began another long winded loan application. Hubby was losing hope and getting upset. On the other hand, I was keeping my cool because I go by the motto "is not over until is really over..."
Three days later the 'good news' came in. Our loan application was accepted on condition. We sent in the documents they requested, but we had to wait until Monday. The vendors agreed.

The weekend we forgot about the whole house and application dilemma. I was realistically optimistic about the outcome – I mean I was thinking about the house but i was also prepared the negative outcome.

AT the corner of my mind I knew that the only worrying aspect of the house hunting was finding a new house to rent by August 1st; we have to move because our landlady is coming to live here after her divorce.

Monday 23rd afternoon came with the bad news. Due to our not permanent residency status they wouldn't lend us the loan.

I was so upset but life goes on.

As soon as I heard the news I started looking for a place to rent. Two landlords told me they wouldn't rent us their house because of a baby disturbing their existing tenants. That was discrimination against a new family. When hubby came home I had to be strong for both of us because he is a worrier more than me. He started looking for a place to rent. He booked a place to view at 8:30. I went to my writing group feeling down. Hubby kept looking. When i got back he told me he has  found another house to view. He went to view one which was not great. We found a house which is in a good location close to the river and hubby's fishing spot. It has more rooms than our current place, good size garden - not huge as the current place -, no garage but not many people have garage in this world.

God's willing we are moving on Wednesday to the new place. Since Tuesday I've been busy packing – AOI has been busy watching her familiar surrounding put into boxes.

packingI have most things packed thanks to one of my favourite ladies who came to super help me pack all the major stuff. She is really a woman with a mission, I am glad she is always there to help. hope i can return the favour soon.

so in the end that was the end of the house hunting.

23 Jul 2012

Our Weekend: Family Bonding Time

this weekend was another successful one. sunny and family bonding time.

Saturday we decided not to think about house hunting dilemma, instead we focused on our young family time together.

we went to the swimming pool, then we went to our local farmer’s market and antique shops. hubby was impressed about the items you can find there. quality items with the fraction of the price you might buy even at Walmart.

we then went to donate some of my clothes to a charity. for lunch we had sushi, for dessert we had banana bread, strawberry vanilla ice-cream.bananabreadicecream{home baked banana bread} 

after lunch i caught up with my blog reading and commenting.

in the evening we had salad and cheese toast

Sunday we went to church. after the service we stopped for a cup of tea. then we wanted to go for a meal with my friend and her daughter. two restaurants of our choice were closed, so we decided to go to a mexican restaurant near by. at the door there was a sign reading STROLLERS PARKING AREA. because AOI was sleeping and they weren’t many costumers hubby went to ask if they would consider letting us in with our stroller, they refused. well, they lost four clients and we are going to write a review about their general costumer care.

in the end we decided to get together next weekend. hubby and i went home for our lunch. after lunch and a nap for AOI we went to a children’s water play area with another family. i was standing by one of the feature when a little boy came and turned around of the water features spraying water on AOI, she didn’t like it. she was crawling away screaming when i picked her up and a little girl came to us. she was so sweet, she caressed AOI’s cheek, in response my little girl caressed the girls’ nose in her own special way

“she gave me a hi5 on the face.” the little girl said smiling.

“yeah.” i smiled back. the little girl’s older brother of about two years came by.

“what happened?” he asked about the cry AOI let out when the little boy sprayed the water. we told him what happened. he went to stand by the water play feature and said “i am protecting her from this water.”

it was so sweet to witness how much children are caring and nice to babies and other children. i also find that people warm up so easily to my daughter, she has an halo which people cannot resist. i am so blessed to have her.

when we got home i watched a film and tv program on Netflix.

for dinner hubby prepared and BBQ some burgershomebbq

{homemade burgers}

and i prepared the salad.salad

{leafs from our 2012 vegetable garden} 

we didn’t eat all the burgers. we have five left for another meal.

i love our team. and as you can see this week was about getting out and about and eat food-food-food. AOI had wonderful naps, giving us time to chillax.

i am really happy how the weekend went, hope yours was good too.

have a great week!

18 Jul 2012

Month 8 – Time is Like A Clepsydra

Eight months old baby, time is like a clepsydra for me. it’s bittersweet this growing business of yours. i still miss the tiny fragile baby we held in our arms. nowadays you crawl, pull yourself up, kiss cabinets, fuss when you are sleepy, and demands our attention when you want to play.
i love to see your smile, beaming in the room.
i like to see your little personality springing out. you are shy when you see a new person but you warm to smiley faces. maybe you will be shy but once get to know a person you will always have a smile for that person. you are really bright outside and inside. i pray you meet nice people in your life whom will make you happy always.
you love good food and i like preparing them for you. this month we tried new things, boiled lentils, peeled plums, steamed mango, steamedmangodrinking water from my canteen, you start doing that last Monday. it is so sweet to see you in my arms when i drink my water, you wait patiently for your turn smiling. after i drink i allow you to take a sip. you enjoy drinking from a cup, i am happy to know that you are happy.
you are fun to be around with. sometimes you tuck your chin give out a shy smile, it’s the cutest thing ever.
today we went to see a physiotherapist and prosthesist for your hand, they had similar mind set to us regarding how we hope to bring you up: a young confident and loving person.
when we went to see the orthopaedic last month she suggested we introduce you to a prosthetic hand but we didn’t see the point. today the prosthesist agreed that for now there is no need to have it because it might confuse you and not encourage you to use your left hand because you will not have any sensation in your hand with a prosthetic hand on. we want you do everything according to your instincts and so far you are doing great. two children asked why your fingers are not there. i am learning to answer accordingly. the physiotherapist suggested we refer to your hand as your special hand but we are sure there is a better way to tell children about your left hand.
you are reaching all your milestones, even quicker than most babies your age. there is nothing to worry about. having a limb difference doesn’t mean one has a disease. i don’t like classification and i don’t classify a child with a limb difference as a special need.  so we never worried about anything, all we want is your happiness and health.
we hope you will always see the bright side of life because you truly represent life to us.AOIjoyful1
you always wake up with a smile and i love the sun you give to our days. i pray you will keep that sunshine within yourself forever, i pray Almighty will surround you with thoughtful and loving people whom will love you and share their happiness with you and i pray you will live life to it fullest by enjoying what it has to offer.
i love so much and i will tell you every day till my last breath.
live and shine!
All my love,

17 Jul 2012

Our Weekend

it’s been raining since Saturday evening but before that we went to one of our local lakes. It was a nice afternoon with two other families. so the men fished and we got many pikes three which we BBQ on locationpike

we had a lovely lunch with the fish, some flat bread and salad. my friend baked some muffins in the morning, so kind of her.

after lunch we went canoeing. AOI had her first canoe tripAOIfirstcanoe

we came home just in time to escape the pouring outdoor.

Sunday we didn’t go to church because we were too tired. in the evening hubby grilled a lovely steak and prepared potatoes salad, i made the salad using the green salad from our garden and to give it a kick i added hot banana pepper rings. sundaysteak

everything was sooo yummy, especially the steak – i need to start that healthy eating ASAP or shall i just buy more comfy clothes, LOL!

hope your weekend was great and the week is going well

12 Jul 2012

I Don’t Have A Title For This Post

WOW, thursday is already here.
i can’t believe i’ve being away from my blog and my favourite bloggers for nearly a week. okay i can believe it because i’ve been busy writing my YA novel. i am pleased with how is turning out. i have to complete 20 chapters for my writers’ group by end of August.
so i’ve been the boring lady over here, writing, looking after AOI and watching crap tv shows: Love In The Wild, Take Me Out. But also catching one of my favourite shows So You Think You Can Dance – I love that show. So far my favourites are George, Eliana and Cyrus (he would have being on my wall if i was a teen – he is the man).
this morning we had a scare.
AOI had an allergic reaction for eating scrambled eggs and cheese. few minutes after eating the eggs her eyes and cheeks started to swell – she looked like a boxer baby. she was itchy, hot and red. she was very uncomfortable. i thought it was the heat, because the rash on her back had turn red. i cold sponged bath her. after the cold bath it seemed she wasn’t her restless anymore but she wouldn’t stop scratching herself, hair and rubbing her eyes. i kept giving her water and breastmilk. then hubby remembered that the only thing we did different today was giving her eggs. we called the hospital but on our way there she looked much better and fell asleep so we decided to go back home.
she is back to her bubbly self again, turning pages and crawling everywhere, though her eyes are still a little bit swollen her body is not hot and red anymore.
how is your week so far?

6 Jul 2012

Cloth Diapering My Experience: Part 2

This post is about the type of diapers i use, my favourites diapers and why i like them.clothdiapers

All In One (AI1) cloth diapers are easy to use, giving you the convenience of a disposable diaper with the comfortable absorbency. All-in-Two (AI2) cloth diapers have a waterproof cloth diaper shell and an absorbent insert. Pocket cloth diapers are similar to the AI1, instead of the inner absorbent cloth diaper soaker sewn in, pocket diapers have a pocket with a removable cloth diaper insert. This system allows for a quicker drying time, and more tailored absorbency for a baby's wetting needs. Hybrid cloth diaper, a reusable, outer waterproof cloth diaper cover wraps a disposable diaper soaker pad in the same way cloth diaper covers wrap around cloth diapers, but in this case the internal soaker pad is not reusable (but you can have reusable insert). Newborn cloth diapers are AI1 simple to use, and no need for cloth diaper covers.

up to AIO’s sixth month I used

8 tot bots new born

8 Apple Cheeks pocket diapers

1 Best Bottom one size All in 2 diaper

1 Bum Genius pocket diapers

several inserts and stay-dry liners

currently i am using

1 Best Bottom one size AI2 diaper

2 gDiapers medium AI2 diapers

1 Bum Genius one size pocket diapers

1 Ka Waii Baby one size diaper  

1 Swaddlerbees one size AI2 diaper

several inserts and stay-dry liners

AOI as a newborn soiled about 8-12 diapers a day and as she gets older child she soils about 6-8 diapers a day - she is getting into a pre-potty stage (i will explain in another post).


If I calculate the diapers our friends gave us plus the ones we bought ourselves the cost for cloth diapers for AOI until now {7 1/2months} is circa $510. I can use Apple Cheeks diapers for another one/two months. If we were using disposable full time we would have spent about $400 [calculating from day one until now], plus $400 for the next two/three months. And if you think you are going to diaper your baby until maximum 1/two years then the total cost for one baby would be 1,371, lot of bin bag change contributing the increase of our landfills which can take up to 500 years to biodegrade in the landfill.

LOVED/LOVE liked/like

i LOVED using the the AI1 tot bots, it was perfect for AOI because it fitted her newborn thighs perfectly. totbotsAOIi experienced few blow outs but nothing serious. hubby loved using this type of diapers because it was as if we were using disposable, i inserted the sewed in insert, all hubby had to do was get the diaper from the diaper drawer and change AOI.

“cloth diapering is easy, once they have the inserts in all cloth diapers look like disposables.” he commented one day. 

the only downside of AI1 is they don’t dry easily once you wash them.

right now i am in LOVE with Best Bottom AI2 because from early stage of cloth diapering i could use it on AOI they are designed for birth until +35lb. bestbottomdiaperthough it was slightly bigger it has two leg gussets. a smaller gusset which snugs around her thigh without pressing too much her delicate skin and also prevent leakage {photo left and right}. I am on the second setting and the legs are nicely snugged without pressing into the skin. {top photo}bestbottomdiaperAOI

I used to like Apple Cheeks because when AOI was smaller they snuggled her thighs without pressing the skin but i stopped using them few weeks ago because though size 1 it’s supposed to fit from 7lb-20lb AOI gets redness around her thighs. clothdiapers

i started using gDiapers two months ago.gDiaperAOI hubby likes them because they are easy to use. you snap the waterproof lining into the cloth shell, then you insert your desired insert (disposable or cloth). i am using cloth inserts. initially i thought they were going to leak easily but they don’t only if it is lot of pee.

just like Best Bottom i can use gDiaper several times a time if they are not soiled or wet, i just have to change the insert.


Monique at Tipa Tipa asked me

When you go out with baby AOI do you use cloth too? What do you do with the soiled diaper?

Yes, i am using cloth diapers everywhere. Before leaving the house I prepare as many diapers as i might need depending on how long we are going out for.diaperwetbag over a period of eight hours i change her three/four times so in this case i will take four diapers in her diaper bag. i also have a small wetbag/pail liner which i use to store the soiled diaperdiaperbagouting if the diaper is extremely soiled, for extra ‘security’, i put them in a shopping bag first. once we are back home i put them straight to wash.

no it doesn’t smell or is not messy.


this was a length post, ehehhee! i am stopping here for this time but in my next post i will talk about the task of getting them clean.

4 Jul 2012

House H-a-unted

so, monday we made an offer on a house but we didn’t get it.
yesterday we saw a lovely househouse2house3house4house5house6house7house8house9house10house1 i LOVED, LOVED it. the finish of the house is DOC. i mean the kitchen and bathroom are designed with granite counter tops as if there are for four/five stars hotel. the flooring throughout the house is brand new cappuccino hardwood floors.
i could see myself cooking in the kitchen, AOI crawling about, hubby playing the piano or guitar in the dining area. waking up with the morning light through the bright windows. having BBQ in the garden with friends and family. AOI running bare feet her giggles in the air. family staying over, having a laugh. using the den for hubby’s music hobby, my writing and taking on more projects…
the list could go on ---- but financially it isn’t the best place for us.
so today we called our agent to make an offer on a different house we viewed on Friday, which we liked but we weren’t 100% sure because it didn’t have the investment potential. it is a lovely family home. after viewing the above house i know i can turn this place into the ideal family home, the downside is somebody has already made an offer but we have written a counter offer if they don’t get the mortgage – fingers and toes cross. 
in the meantime we will keep looking and i will keep you updated.
kiss, kiss!  

2 Jul 2012

Sun, Food, Lake and Good Company

this weekend was lovely – especially Saturday.
we went to the lake lakewe had good food in good companylakefood
there were five toddles and two babies – can’t believe just in February they were laying on the floor, now they are standing drumming on a surfboardlakebabies
the sun was shining and little AOI played in the sand – her first time at the lakeAOIlake
after a while we went into the water but she didn’t like it because it was cold luckily by the end of the day were soaking our feet togetherfoto(1)
{photo from iPhone}
hubby and some friends went fishing. hubby caught ‘possible’ walleye but it slipped from his hands Sad smile, no fish for supper.
yesterday was raining so after church we stayed indoors, i baked chocolate cookies, yummy-yummycookies
in the evening we went to downtown because The R., an international cool band, was in town. though we didn’t have a ticket we wanted to listen to the songs from the park but they were fashionably late and we had to go put AOI in bed. we had Tim Hortons’ ice cream before
Canada Day was okay, but because of the rain we didn’t go see the fireworks. we heard the noise from distance.
today I am writing so late because we back house hunting, this time with the MISSION to purchase because we have to move. our landlady wants to come live in the house she got divorced from her husband.
well, fingers and toes cross we will find something nice to purchase.
i will keep you updated.
hope your weekend was great!
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