6 Jul 2012

Cloth Diapering My Experience: Part 2

This post is about the type of diapers i use, my favourites diapers and why i like them.clothdiapers

All In One (AI1) cloth diapers are easy to use, giving you the convenience of a disposable diaper with the comfortable absorbency. All-in-Two (AI2) cloth diapers have a waterproof cloth diaper shell and an absorbent insert. Pocket cloth diapers are similar to the AI1, instead of the inner absorbent cloth diaper soaker sewn in, pocket diapers have a pocket with a removable cloth diaper insert. This system allows for a quicker drying time, and more tailored absorbency for a baby's wetting needs. Hybrid cloth diaper, a reusable, outer waterproof cloth diaper cover wraps a disposable diaper soaker pad in the same way cloth diaper covers wrap around cloth diapers, but in this case the internal soaker pad is not reusable (but you can have reusable insert). Newborn cloth diapers are AI1 simple to use, and no need for cloth diaper covers.

up to AIO’s sixth month I used

8 tot bots new born

8 Apple Cheeks pocket diapers

1 Best Bottom one size All in 2 diaper

1 Bum Genius pocket diapers

several inserts and stay-dry liners

currently i am using

1 Best Bottom one size AI2 diaper

2 gDiapers medium AI2 diapers

1 Bum Genius one size pocket diapers

1 Ka Waii Baby one size diaper  

1 Swaddlerbees one size AI2 diaper

several inserts and stay-dry liners

AOI as a newborn soiled about 8-12 diapers a day and as she gets older child she soils about 6-8 diapers a day - she is getting into a pre-potty stage (i will explain in another post).


If I calculate the diapers our friends gave us plus the ones we bought ourselves the cost for cloth diapers for AOI until now {7 1/2months} is circa $510. I can use Apple Cheeks diapers for another one/two months. If we were using disposable full time we would have spent about $400 [calculating from day one until now], plus $400 for the next two/three months. And if you think you are going to diaper your baby until maximum 1/two years then the total cost for one baby would be 1,371, lot of bin bag change contributing the increase of our landfills which can take up to 500 years to biodegrade in the landfill.

LOVED/LOVE liked/like

i LOVED using the the AI1 tot bots, it was perfect for AOI because it fitted her newborn thighs perfectly. totbotsAOIi experienced few blow outs but nothing serious. hubby loved using this type of diapers because it was as if we were using disposable, i inserted the sewed in insert, all hubby had to do was get the diaper from the diaper drawer and change AOI.

“cloth diapering is easy, once they have the inserts in all cloth diapers look like disposables.” he commented one day. 

the only downside of AI1 is they don’t dry easily once you wash them.

right now i am in LOVE with Best Bottom AI2 because from early stage of cloth diapering i could use it on AOI they are designed for birth until +35lb. bestbottomdiaperthough it was slightly bigger it has two leg gussets. a smaller gusset which snugs around her thigh without pressing too much her delicate skin and also prevent leakage {photo left and right}. I am on the second setting and the legs are nicely snugged without pressing into the skin. {top photo}bestbottomdiaperAOI

I used to like Apple Cheeks because when AOI was smaller they snuggled her thighs without pressing the skin but i stopped using them few weeks ago because though size 1 it’s supposed to fit from 7lb-20lb AOI gets redness around her thighs. clothdiapers

i started using gDiapers two months ago.gDiaperAOI hubby likes them because they are easy to use. you snap the waterproof lining into the cloth shell, then you insert your desired insert (disposable or cloth). i am using cloth inserts. initially i thought they were going to leak easily but they don’t only if it is lot of pee.

just like Best Bottom i can use gDiaper several times a time if they are not soiled or wet, i just have to change the insert.


Monique at Tipa Tipa asked me

When you go out with baby AOI do you use cloth too? What do you do with the soiled diaper?

Yes, i am using cloth diapers everywhere. Before leaving the house I prepare as many diapers as i might need depending on how long we are going out for.diaperwetbag over a period of eight hours i change her three/four times so in this case i will take four diapers in her diaper bag. i also have a small wetbag/pail liner which i use to store the soiled diaperdiaperbagouting if the diaper is extremely soiled, for extra ‘security’, i put them in a shopping bag first. once we are back home i put them straight to wash.

no it doesn’t smell or is not messy.


this was a length post, ehehhee! i am stopping here for this time but in my next post i will talk about the task of getting them clean.


  1. Thanks for this info! I'm trying to absorb as much baby information now because we are going to start "trying" next year and I want to be ready! :)

  2. Thanks for answering my question. It's so cool you are completely committed to cloth diapering.

  3. Great info and thanks for sharing. I am beyond the diaper days with my son, but wish some one had shared this with me when he was a baby. You make it seem like something that can be done successfully.

  4. This post definitely not too long. I'm looking forward to the next!


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