4 Jul 2012

House H-a-unted

so, monday we made an offer on a house but we didn’t get it.
yesterday we saw a lovely househouse2house3house4house5house6house7house8house9house10house1 i LOVED, LOVED it. the finish of the house is DOC. i mean the kitchen and bathroom are designed with granite counter tops as if there are for four/five stars hotel. the flooring throughout the house is brand new cappuccino hardwood floors.
i could see myself cooking in the kitchen, AOI crawling about, hubby playing the piano or guitar in the dining area. waking up with the morning light through the bright windows. having BBQ in the garden with friends and family. AOI running bare feet her giggles in the air. family staying over, having a laugh. using the den for hubby’s music hobby, my writing and taking on more projects…
the list could go on ---- but financially it isn’t the best place for us.
so today we called our agent to make an offer on a different house we viewed on Friday, which we liked but we weren’t 100% sure because it didn’t have the investment potential. it is a lovely family home. after viewing the above house i know i can turn this place into the ideal family home, the downside is somebody has already made an offer but we have written a counter offer if they don’t get the mortgage – fingers and toes cross. 
in the meantime we will keep looking and i will keep you updated.
kiss, kiss!  


  1. That house is lovely!!! The floors are to die for! I hope you guys get it :) fingers crossed

  2. I love that kitchen! You are right about getting the more affordable one and turning it into the ideal home.

  3. what a lovely home...it looks immaculate...i can't wait to follow in the adventure...i love house hunting!!

  4. Good luck and trust that you will end up in the perfect home for you.

  5. It sucks when you fall in love with something and then realize it's not the best move. However, on the more positive side you can turn whatever house you get into your dream home. We're thinking about starting back with house hunting and I've been giving some thought to buying a fixer upper (nothing too major). I think this change of heart might have to do with my latest obsession of Property Brothers on HGTV.

    Good luck. Sending up a prayer for you all.

    1. Thank you lady. I wish i could watch more property programms i was obsessed with shows like that. I am going to watch and get more ideas and slowly turn into a nice property whatever we decide to buy.

      It is nice to share the process with all my fellow bloggers

  6. what a beautiful house!

    i hope that you get the home that you put the offer in. fingers crossed. either way, i know that you will find the right home for you and your family!

  7. I'll cross my fingers for you! I hope you get your dream home! House-hunting is such an emotional thing. We are looking right now as well!

  8. Good luck finding the perfect home. I'm sure it is a challenge. It's so important to go with what will work best for you.

  9. Wow, this house looks amazing. House hunting is the biggest pain. I wish we had unlimited resources so that we could get exactly what our heart desired :).

    I hope you get the one that you bid for. It's nice to get settled and comfortable. It took a lot of stress to find our house and we've been here for 2 years now and still love it.

    Good luck to you guys.


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