18 Jul 2012

Month 8 – Time is Like A Clepsydra

Eight months old baby, time is like a clepsydra for me. it’s bittersweet this growing business of yours. i still miss the tiny fragile baby we held in our arms. nowadays you crawl, pull yourself up, kiss cabinets, fuss when you are sleepy, and demands our attention when you want to play.
i love to see your smile, beaming in the room.
i like to see your little personality springing out. you are shy when you see a new person but you warm to smiley faces. maybe you will be shy but once get to know a person you will always have a smile for that person. you are really bright outside and inside. i pray you meet nice people in your life whom will make you happy always.
you love good food and i like preparing them for you. this month we tried new things, boiled lentils, peeled plums, steamed mango, steamedmangodrinking water from my canteen, you start doing that last Monday. it is so sweet to see you in my arms when i drink my water, you wait patiently for your turn smiling. after i drink i allow you to take a sip. you enjoy drinking from a cup, i am happy to know that you are happy.
you are fun to be around with. sometimes you tuck your chin give out a shy smile, it’s the cutest thing ever.
today we went to see a physiotherapist and prosthesist for your hand, they had similar mind set to us regarding how we hope to bring you up: a young confident and loving person.
when we went to see the orthopaedic last month she suggested we introduce you to a prosthetic hand but we didn’t see the point. today the prosthesist agreed that for now there is no need to have it because it might confuse you and not encourage you to use your left hand because you will not have any sensation in your hand with a prosthetic hand on. we want you do everything according to your instincts and so far you are doing great. two children asked why your fingers are not there. i am learning to answer accordingly. the physiotherapist suggested we refer to your hand as your special hand but we are sure there is a better way to tell children about your left hand.
you are reaching all your milestones, even quicker than most babies your age. there is nothing to worry about. having a limb difference doesn’t mean one has a disease. i don’t like classification and i don’t classify a child with a limb difference as a special need.  so we never worried about anything, all we want is your happiness and health.
we hope you will always see the bright side of life because you truly represent life to us.AOIjoyful1
you always wake up with a smile and i love the sun you give to our days. i pray you will keep that sunshine within yourself forever, i pray Almighty will surround you with thoughtful and loving people whom will love you and share their happiness with you and i pray you will live life to it fullest by enjoying what it has to offer.
i love so much and i will tell you every day till my last breath.
live and shine!
All my love,


  1. Your letter to your daughter is just so cute! She's already standing on her own at 8-months? That's impressive!
    She's a cutie!!!

  2. You have one beautiful baby! Time is flying. I can't believe she's 8 months already.

  3. What a sweet letter! I completely agree with your statement about a limb difference not being a special need... we never think of Jack has having a special need, just sometimes having to figure out how to do things differently. Have you heard of Jim Abbott? I blogged about our meeting him, but he's a pitcher who was born with an arm that ended between his elbow and his wrist and he pitched a no-hitter for the Yankees... there is nothing our kids can't do!
    I find with kids who ask about Jack's hand that they are mostly curious if something happened that hurt him and if it will grow into a full hand someday. I often explain it to them as just the way God made him, like he made that child (who is asking) with (curly hair/freckles/brown eyes - fill in the blank). You can also refer them to Finding Nemo - Nemo has a small fin that he calls his lucky fin, most kids have seen that movie so it's something they can relate to. [my two cents]

    The time flies right by - does it?

    1. My friend''s daughter used to watch Finding Nemo on a loop, i have to watch it again to refresh my memory. I love children's curiousity and Nemo is the best character to tell them about AOI's hand. thanks for your 2 per cent :)

      I've read about Jim Abbott, i will read about your meeting with him.

  4. love your letters to your little one...she is so precious! and yes, watching them grow up and develop certainly is bittersweet at times!

  5. Wow, it's been 8 months already?! And she's so tall for her age. She's quite the beauty. And I'm glad that you all are taking a positive approach in regards to her hand.

    I've seen in my own family how some parents get so caught up in grief and a why me syndrome that it rubs off on their child and makes them feel inadequate. I'm very happy to hear that you all are being very supportive and encouraging her to go about her life like any other child her age. I truly believe that's the best thing because she will be comfortable with it when she's older. I admire your strength and how you've openly talked about this on your blog!

  6. What a beautiful big girl! She is growing up so fast... they all do! Kinda sux!

  7. Adorable! Really!! Every single day I look at my daughter (who is almost 7) I recall memories of when she was small, when the world was still new and unfamiliar, and cannot believe how much she has grown, matured, it's unbelievable, and such a blessing we are able to be their parents :)

  8. Beautiful letter, and ur little princess is growing up so wonderful. I know as she grows the love and support around her now will only reflect the good inside and out. Good job mummy.

  9. what a sweet dedication to baby AOI. I recently attended a party where a man had a similar limb difference he was able to use his hand some. I found that initially he was bringing attention to his hand sort of like he wanted us to see it so that he could feel comfy. I chatted with him quite a bit and hope I was able to make him feel okay. He was a confident guy and I'm sure baby AOI will be too. When I was in Uni, I knew a girl with a limb difference but she always hid it which broke my heart. She is very successful in the music production industry. I haven't seen her in years but I believe she doesn't hide it anymore. Baby AOI is so strong and beautiful...I'm impressed by her standing on her on and drumming already. You are so lucky to have a sweet little girl. I'm glad she brings you so much light and love.

  10. Wow time is flying by so quick. She is so beautiful.

  11. Time sure flies when you are having fun. I hope you are planning her first birthday party already ;).

  12. So cute and what a beautiful dress!!


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