23 Jul 2012

Our Weekend: Family Bonding Time

this weekend was another successful one. sunny and family bonding time.

Saturday we decided not to think about house hunting dilemma, instead we focused on our young family time together.

we went to the swimming pool, then we went to our local farmer’s market and antique shops. hubby was impressed about the items you can find there. quality items with the fraction of the price you might buy even at Walmart.

we then went to donate some of my clothes to a charity. for lunch we had sushi, for dessert we had banana bread, strawberry vanilla ice-cream.bananabreadicecream{home baked banana bread} 

after lunch i caught up with my blog reading and commenting.

in the evening we had salad and cheese toast

Sunday we went to church. after the service we stopped for a cup of tea. then we wanted to go for a meal with my friend and her daughter. two restaurants of our choice were closed, so we decided to go to a mexican restaurant near by. at the door there was a sign reading STROLLERS PARKING AREA. because AOI was sleeping and they weren’t many costumers hubby went to ask if they would consider letting us in with our stroller, they refused. well, they lost four clients and we are going to write a review about their general costumer care.

in the end we decided to get together next weekend. hubby and i went home for our lunch. after lunch and a nap for AOI we went to a children’s water play area with another family. i was standing by one of the feature when a little boy came and turned around of the water features spraying water on AOI, she didn’t like it. she was crawling away screaming when i picked her up and a little girl came to us. she was so sweet, she caressed AOI’s cheek, in response my little girl caressed the girls’ nose in her own special way

“she gave me a hi5 on the face.” the little girl said smiling.

“yeah.” i smiled back. the little girl’s older brother of about two years came by.

“what happened?” he asked about the cry AOI let out when the little boy sprayed the water. we told him what happened. he went to stand by the water play feature and said “i am protecting her from this water.”

it was so sweet to witness how much children are caring and nice to babies and other children. i also find that people warm up so easily to my daughter, she has an halo which people cannot resist. i am so blessed to have her.

when we got home i watched a film and tv program on Netflix.

for dinner hubby prepared and BBQ some burgershomebbq

{homemade burgers}

and i prepared the salad.salad

{leafs from our 2012 vegetable garden} 

we didn’t eat all the burgers. we have five left for another meal.

i love our team. and as you can see this week was about getting out and about and eat food-food-food. AOI had wonderful naps, giving us time to chillax.

i am really happy how the weekend went, hope yours was good too.

have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. That sucks that the restaurant won't let you bring in your stroller. I mean, they'd rather lose 4 customers than bend the rules a bit? Makes no sense. California Pizza Kitchen here has the same policy BUT I have seen strollers in the restaurant so that tells me they are willing to work with customers.
    AOI sounds like such a ray of sunshine!
    Have an awesomely blessed week.

  2. sounds like a nice relaxing weekend...and so sweet that the other little kiddos love A so much! so sweet to watch little children react with babies!

  3. Aww what a sweet story! Are those Canadian strawberries? Some of my family lives in Saskatchewan and I remember them having the best farmers market strawberries there.

  4. Thanks for your nice comments. I am glad that this information has been of use to you.

  5. How sweet of those kids to be so nice and protective of AOI! The burgers look so yummy. Makes me want to pull out our grill.

  6. Next time you have to invite me to lunch ...and AOI sounds like a blessing indeed:-)

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! The banana bread looks so delicious.

  8. Hi Toi, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving some love. It's been great reading through your blogs. This sounds like the perfect weekend. It's Tuesday night here and I'm already longing for Friday! Wishing you a great week xoxox

  9. great way to spend the weekend, good food and relaxing times!


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