17 Jul 2012

Our Weekend

it’s been raining since Saturday evening but before that we went to one of our local lakes. It was a nice afternoon with two other families. so the men fished and we got many pikes three which we BBQ on locationpike

we had a lovely lunch with the fish, some flat bread and salad. my friend baked some muffins in the morning, so kind of her.

after lunch we went canoeing. AOI had her first canoe tripAOIfirstcanoe

we came home just in time to escape the pouring outdoor.

Sunday we didn’t go to church because we were too tired. in the evening hubby grilled a lovely steak and prepared potatoes salad, i made the salad using the green salad from our garden and to give it a kick i added hot banana pepper rings. sundaysteak

everything was sooo yummy, especially the steak – i need to start that healthy eating ASAP or shall i just buy more comfy clothes, LOL!

hope your weekend was great and the week is going well


  1. it looks like a lovely family outing!

  2. Awesome. I so miss living dwn by the lake. We has fish "from the lake to the plate" as the hubby would say atleat three times a week. Pike is a favorite of mine.

  3. So cool you guys went canoeing with baby aoi...that steak looks so yummy!


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