2 Jul 2012

Sun, Food, Lake and Good Company

this weekend was lovely – especially Saturday.
we went to the lake lakewe had good food in good companylakefood
there were five toddles and two babies – can’t believe just in February they were laying on the floor, now they are standing drumming on a surfboardlakebabies
the sun was shining and little AOI played in the sand – her first time at the lakeAOIlake
after a while we went into the water but she didn’t like it because it was cold luckily by the end of the day were soaking our feet togetherfoto(1)
{photo from iPhone}
hubby and some friends went fishing. hubby caught ‘possible’ walleye but it slipped from his hands Sad smile, no fish for supper.
yesterday was raining so after church we stayed indoors, i baked chocolate cookies, yummy-yummycookies
in the evening we went to downtown because The R., an international cool band, was in town. though we didn’t have a ticket we wanted to listen to the songs from the park but they were fashionably late and we had to go put AOI in bed. we had Tim Hortons’ ice cream before
Canada Day was okay, but because of the rain we didn’t go see the fireworks. we heard the noise from distance.
today I am writing so late because we back house hunting, this time with the MISSION to purchase because we have to move. our landlady wants to come live in the house she got divorced from her husband.
well, fingers and toes cross we will find something nice to purchase.
i will keep you updated.
hope your weekend was great!
***leave a comment let me know you are around***


  1. oh wow looks like a great weekend! and i love Miss. AOI's outfit...too cute!

  2. All the best in house hunting. We're doing the same...sort of. :)
    Nice pictures. Pictures of your daughter touch my heart so much. I've never experienced that with pictures of someone's child online before. :)

  3. AOI is so adorable. She looks like she was having a great time. Love her outfit also.


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