18 Aug 2012

9 Months–Standing Up

dear my dearest, sweetest daughter,
you are nine months old today. hurray! finally, i’ve given up on wishing time could stop. i don’t mind watching you grow so fast, because with each passing day my love for you multiplies and i want you to reach the next milestone. you reach your milestones effortlessly.
twelve days  ago you stood up without holding yourself for support. i was stun because it felt like you didn’t even know you were doing it, but when you realised you weren’t holding up to something you sat down. standingbut today you showed us that you mean business with you standing without support. you stood up longer and even took a step. you reach for my hand when you want to walk for longer time or don’t want to sit. it is so cute to have your little fingers wrap around my finger. another thing i like is you wrapping your arms around my legs when i am cooking or washing the dishes, you become my third leg in those moments – so cute!
you are very friendly  and affectionate with  people – you like giving kisses. last week a little boy didn’t like your demonstration of affection but it was just him being a stuck up boy. i can’t wait to start taking you to the playgroup in September to meet new nice people.
i LOVE watching you watch the Wonder Pets, your favourite pets. you dance to their music. you really love any kind of music. ABC song is still one of your favourite songs.
you like going out of the house for walks. last week we went for one/two hours walk, two days in a roll. the third day i couldn’t feel my muscle, i had to take a nap myself.
you are a little girl with passion for adventure. these days you are exploring, forcing me to work more in the kitchen. you like unloading the dishwasher or crawl/stand with a kitchen cloth in your hand cleaning the cupboards or fridge. sometimes you even climb the dishwasher. you are such a mover.
you have three teeth in total, two at the bottom, one at the top and another one coming on the top. you make me laugh so much, you look like an old toothless woman when you smile/laugh. you have such a great sense of humour. yesterday you were laughing so much when we imitated the air noise you make with your nose. it was hilarious to laugh together with you. you are truly a joy.
you are doing well with your sleeping pattern. you normally go to bed between 8:30/9:00pm. you wake up one time in the night, then sleeps again until 7-8:00am. after your breakfast and a quick crawl around the living area you take a nap. you are not sleeping in the afternoon, but you nap if we go a long walk.
i made some homemade apple juice/sauce and you love it. that’s the new thing you tried during your eighth month of age. last weekend we went to our friend’s house to pick apples.apples since monday i’ve been busy making apple sauce, apple/chocolate pie (i called that pie muddy apple pie). you love what i managed to get out of those apples. you even tried some of the pie pastry, it’s like biscuit.
you also tried cream cheese, past (pureed), full fat greek yogurt and dry apricot. we eat at the take with you. i prepare your meal at the same time as us, we want to get into the habit of family eating together. you are enjoying most of what we eat, but i am not giving you anything with lot of salt of sugar, it is not good for your delicate metabolism.
and one more thing, yesterday we went out for dinner as a family of three. we’ve been out for lunch but never in the evening. once we got home we watched Babies a documentary about four children from four different corners of the world sharing their first year in front of the camera. it is such a cute documentary. i should start making your first year album, but i have so many pictures i don’t know how to be selective.
i better go sleep. i love you UN MONDO!!! all my heart
Mummy TOI!
p.s: you are enjoying using your toothbrush Smile


  1. I like how you have given up on wanting time to stop! That's a great outlook on things. I'm still not over it and my little guy's gonna be 1 soon!

  2. I loved reading this! She sounds like an incredible girl!

  3. What a fun little girl and I love how she is discovering her legs...so exciting!! It feels like yesterday she was crawling...wow!!

  4. Way to go. Time is flying by so quick she is getting so big. Sounds like motherhood is going great for you.

  5. Wow! What a happy little girl. She sounds like such a delightful person to be around. Good job momma!

  6. I love the way you express!

    My baby has that same top! Cute!

  7. i LOVE reading this and seeing how much she's grown...it helps me to know what to expect with Elyse! Except we have a mouth full of teeth! we have 6 already and are working on 2 more for the bottom!

  8. What a happy little family you have!!

    Blessings to you all,

  9. Wow! I can't believe she is nine months already! Standing up and teeth? What an exciting time! It feels like just yesterday I was reading your blog and taking notes on your pregnancy!


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