16 Aug 2012

Marlow and the Monster

Marlow and the Monster  is the ongoing story of Marlow and his unwanted guest, the 'funny' Monster.

This monster thinks it is scary but really it is funny little colourful thing. Every night it crawls into Marlow's room and often has him in trouble with his parents who don't believe him about the existence of this monster. One night Marlow tries to give the Monster to little sister, Sarah. Is it Sarah who finally figures out that the Monster is really charming and friendly.
This is the new release by the author/ illustrator Sharon Cramer.

When I was little I was scared of the dark but never believed in monsters. I wanted to read this book to my my daughter, but she is too little to participate. Plus i was reading in the kindle so she couldn't turn the pages as she likes to do, so I read it while she was moving about in the room. I finish reading the story in ten minutes flat. I was not convinced, because my skeptic grown up mind was in motion. So I slept on it and read it again this morning trying to bring my inner child into the reading.

It was funny. It is a book which encourages children to recognize the funny side of monsters. Marlow's monster is colourful and likes to play dress up with Marlow's little sister, so really when it says "I'm SCARY! I'm SOOOOooo SCARY!" it just wishes it's scary enough to prevent Marlow's sleep. I believe it is just annoying.

In the end I even got the concept behind the artwork. The author/illustrator might have decided on the quill pen and ink, black and white for Marlow and his surrounding, leaving just the splash of colour for the Monster it's visible only to the children and it is funny monster full of brightness.
 no scary monster can be bright and colourful. in fact I can conclude that the Monster has won over my grown up mind over and I wouldn't mind having such a colourful monster as a friend - only of it's fun like Marlow's.

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  1. That looks super cute! :)
    I love children's books... trying to build Avery's collection.

  2. I like the look of this book because Marlow sounds like Marlie!

  3. Super cute! I need to stalk up on story books!


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