6 Aug 2012

Our Weekend: Settling In

last wednesday we moved into our new house. house1

we woke up early wednesday morning and started moving things to the new place. i worried that the place was not ready because when we saw it there was still work to be done to call it complete renovated house.

we took two loads before i remained in the new house while hubby together with two colleagues made the next many trips to bring our big stuff from the hold house. though it didn’t feel as home, when i was left alone i toured the house and i liked what i saw. i didn’t remember the place being so big, with more rooms than we would ever use – they are all well occupied. AOI has her bedroom, i have my study, hubby has his own study and we have this great bedroom with walk-in closet.

by one o’clock we had everything in our new house. we ordered pizza for lunch we had to sit on our dinning chairs on the deck to eat.

that night i had a distant memory of the paver which lead to the house we wanted to buy. i was glad to have this lovely house over our heads because we found it in such a short time, we count ourselves luck.house2 another thing i like about this place is the fact that our landlords are really into property development. i hope when we buy our future house he can be nice to tell us where to get good deals for materials to make it nice.

i was also day dreaming about my mother’s house in Ghana. i saw this install it direct pave stones and i wondered if her house is going to look something cool as the house on the website. the pavers are nicely done and look expensive. i promised to ‘creatively’ help her decorate the interior, and landscape the exterior. she told me she would love if the help a financial help. i pray i can help both ways. she is such a hard working lady and she deserves a lovely house.

well, our weekend considered mainly of me watching the Olympics, trying to make this house feel like home, AOI crawling about and hubby starting a shed project. AOIcrawls

AOI likes the house but it is not carpeted so she slips easily, that worries me. she has banged her head couple of times nothing serious but i am going to look for something which will help her crawl around the place without too much accidents. 

hope your weekend was eventful unlike mine.


  1. Buy some throw rugs that will help with her slipping!

    So exciting for moving to your new home! Hope everything comes together quickly!

  2. I hate moving. I wish it was a faster process, well mainly the unpacking part.
    We had the same problem with our last rental home. I bought a huge rug for the living room area, and a play mat (you know the hard foam-like type that comes together like a puzzle w/ numbers and/or letters?) for my boys area. Its a cool and cheap mat.

  3. The ladies suggestions sounds great because it sounds like AOI is a mover!! Congrats on the move...im sure you will make awesome memories in this house too:-)

  4. Congratulations on the move. Sounds like it'll be a nice place for you and your family to build some good memories.
    AOI will adjust soon. But I agree with the previous poster. Try some rugs. That should help.

  5. Congratulations on finding a place to move in. It looks like a nice place, and fit for you and your family. As for AOI, she could be a mover for sure!

  6. Congratulations on your new place. Have fun making it a home.

  7. I love that moving process and finding a home for everything... and she will learn to work with the wood floors; we have always had wood floors and it just takes some getting used to.

  8. Glad you all are moved in and getting settled. I've been through a short move and it was no walk in the park.

  9. I'm glad you're all moved and settling. The house does sound massive! I love wooden floors, in the Pacific it's very common - I don't think I could buy or build a home without wooden floors! I hope you find something to keep her from too many accidents! xoxox


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