14 Aug 2012

Our Weekend: illness sucks

yesterday the sun was shining over this part of my world, but today is raining!
before i update you will our weekend let's me try to write how last week went.

last week i really wanted to start the week with my weekend update then keep up the good job writing my blog posts regularly, but i couldn't because the world collapsed on me. 

i posted my weekend update with a heavy heart, i wanted to write about it but i couldn't prevent myself from tearing.
last monday i was told that my friend's nearly three years old boy has type B leukemia. i was devastated, numbed and teary. i couldn't imagine R being so ill. i felt the world heavy on my shoulders; i couldn't imagine the pain of his mother, the woman i describe as wonderful, ready to help me organize party for hubby and pack our suitcases for this move.in the short time i've known her we connect so easily. how did she take it. R so cute, polite and has a smile for everyone. he is full of life, adventurous for such a young age.

monday afternoon we went to the hospital, and i was crying my eyes off with his mother, asking myself why it has to happen to R. it was so painful i couldn't do anything but pray, to be positive and tried to encourage my friend. Later we went to his room to see him. he was over himself when he saw AOI and I walking in and it lifted my heart. i was happy because he was his usual self, he wouldn't let any illness push him down - that's the attitude of a winner! he could walk in his hospital room but he has to wear a mask to go out. throughout the week we went to the hospital to visit, to be there for the young family, to show them how much we care and have them in out thoughts, just to be there!

last friday he and his parents flew in a ambulance plane to Toronto for a quicker treatment. his treatment started on Saturday, and they are talking about three years treatment. R will turn three at the end of the month, so i pray he will have a nice birthday and not feel too bad. 

So that was our last week.
this past Saturday we finished unpacking everything in the kitchen. during the week I went to buy new clothes for myself, two recipe books and new shoes and onesies for AOI. i wore something nice to lift my mood. Sunday we went to church. After church we went to a fair in our city. Hubby is building his shed very fast.
he put up all the four walls and he started working on the roof.

To get my mind off things and stay in a positive mood i am watching Being Erica, a Canadian sitcom set in Toronto. It is too funny.
But throughout the day and week i have R in my mind and a positive healing thought always on his way. i pray the treatment goes through well, fast and painless as possible. i want to see him out of a hospital room asap. please say a little prayer for R.

it is my weekly life update.

may this rain wash away all the pain, i pray this week is bright and happy!


  1. oh how terrible...sending up prayers for your son! now that I'm a mom my heart breaks for all of the precious sick children out there!

    1. is my friend's son. i know it is heartbreaking but i believe he will out victorious :)

  2. Poor baby. :( I hate hearing about children getting sick. It just isnt fair. All the best to him and his loved ones.

  3. Will be praying for R. Glad your friend has you there. I am sure it means a lot to her and her family.

  4. Such a sad story TOI. I hate nothing more than sick kids, not that adults should be sick but poor kids, they should never have to go through these kind of sickness. I will keep your friend in my prayers. I hope for a swift recovery for this little boy. Thanks for sharing his story with us.

  5. So sorry for your friend and her little guy - I will keep them in my prayers!

    On a less serious note - I love Being Erica... such a cute show - are there new episodes? They showed the first season (and maybe a second) in the states a couple years ago.

    1. i am watching it through netflix and i just completed season 4. i can't wait to see season five.

  6. Toi, my hear goes out to your friend and her son. I hope the treatments are successful.

  7. So sorry to hear about your friend. It is always terrible to hear of a child developing cancer, but the bright side is that children with leukemia often times do really well! There is hope for your friend's son and my family will keep them in our prayers. Stay strong!


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