29 Aug 2012

right now…

we are in toronto, on, catoronto

we are visiting family and friends.

we went to see R, my friend’s little boy.

he is doing well, but prayers are always welcome for the young family.

he is staying at the Ronald McDonald house, a place for sickkids who need to live out of the hospital but close enough to the hospital for quick treatments and check ups

i read this memoir bloombooki am glad i did because i got to know the kelle hampton offline with all her flaws and passion for life and her daughter and beers. it is such a poetic memoir with beautiful images and language. such an inspiring read.

i am enjoying the last few days of hubby’s work-free mind, carrying AOI everywhere, enjoying being a daddy daddycarrysuch a lucky little baby – she makes me miss my baby/childhood, when i was carried everywhere too Smile!

i am loving our young family of threefamilyofthree

we am feeling blessed beyond measure because we have a new baby nephew, AOI has a new cousin who is 9months 10days younger than her

and to conclude i am thinking about this quotewhatdoesntkill

enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. This was such a lovely post. Truly enjoyed reading this.

    You have such a beautiful family.

    Sending prayers for R.

    I've heard so many beautiful things about that book. I hope to read it too.

  2. Still praying for your friend's son and her family.
    Your little girl looks so cute snuggled up to her dad. Glad you're enjoying the last few days of summer.

  3. I hope baby R gets stronger by the minute. I love the family photo of your shadows on the lawn.

  4. Glad you all are enjoying your trip.


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