18 Sep 2012

10 Months: Is Forever Enough… (Walking)?

Dear AOI, my sweet Berry, my little cotton  – your baby face is round and soft you remind me of a ball of cotton. Happy 10th month my dearest daughter.
This is how it works. today you turned ten months calculating from the day you were born but all the updates here are from the day after you turned nine months.
from 22-08 until 01-09 we were on holiday in Ontario. you are a good company for traveling. you don’t complain too much. in fact i think you like the hustle and bustle of people at the airport.
6-09= we went to a doctor’s measurement appointment. you are still on track with your development. You weighed 7.87kilos and 75cm tall (17.35 lbs and 29.5 inches). he said you’re developing very well. i can tell myself.
right now my heart is twirling in its place. i REALLY can’t believe you are already 10 months, oh my my! last month I said I didn’t mind seeing you grow, well I am taking back my words. I do mind a lot. It breaks my heart to see how fast you are growing out of your babyhood. Maybe I am feeling like I need a time out to savour your infanthood because you are walking like you mean business – in fact you mean business.
you took your ever first step just before you turned 9 months and another step weeks after when were in Port Perry, and you took two steps when you were at aunt Y’s house. Since Sunday 9th August you are walking no doubt. I wasn’t sure if that was really walking but you took more than five steps and every time you fell down you stood up to walk again. You are still wobbly on your feet but you are getting there. For instance yesterday you were walking and walking. You turned yourself without falling. It seems like when you come to your aunt Y’s house you become bold.
i was watching some videos of your wobbly crawling days, four months ago, how strange few minutes make a big difference when you’re a baby. i miss your early days of crawling, and i know i will miss these early stages of walking. i am film you as much as i can.
oh gosh, you are stubborn sometimes. each month i can see that more and more. if you are upset and i want to entertain you with something, for example a book you will take the book and throw it away. i mean, which baby does that? you remind me of myself a little because i can be stubborn and can throw tantrums.
also, just like me, you LOVE books. AOIreadsAOIreads1
it is so cute to watch you browse through a book. you normally turn and flip throw the pages as if you are looking for that important line you love so much! but really the book is just a guidebook. really, you like everything book-like.
you also love water – even a cold swimming pool will do, you love playing with other children and i believe you will be a great big sister one day. i am slowly feeling like i can do this all over again, but i want to celebrate your first birthday before we start from square 2.
the most hilarious scene is you and the vacuum cleaner. you can’t see eye to eye with that thing. when i vacuum the house, if you are awake, you scream and wave your arms in the air. or hide behind my legs and peek at the vacuum. i can’t resist laughing.
your favourite hobbies are touching everything your see around the house. opening the cupboards and drawers. unloading the books from the shelves in my studio and your bedroom. getting off the bed – you can get off by holding on tight to the sheets and rotating yourself legs first. one day I woke up early so after i fed you i left you next to sleepy daddy and went downstairs? after awhile I hear the worried voice of daddy “T did you left her off the bed?”
“No, she was sleeping when i left the room. Did you hear fall?”
“No, i just woke up and found her standing there by the bed, playing with that paper.”
“Oh, maybe she managed to get off, because she’d be crying if she fell.” you were oblivious to our concerns. you kept on playing and giving us your four teeth shining grin. Oh, i love your grin. a pure delight and it lights my fire and i love you soo much.
we are listening to music more often thanks songza. music makes my romantic side shine through the fortress of adult life. it kind of takes me to the days of my pregnancy with you. we listen to lullabies and i dedicate the most beautiful songs to you. one of the songs i like is Lullaby by Dan Wilson. Oh, it’s so sweet

They didn’t have you where I come from
Never knew the best was yet to come
Life began when I saw your face
And I hear your laugh like a serenade

How long do you want to be loved
Is forever enough, is forever enough
How long do you want to be loved
Is forever enough, ‘cause I’m never never
Givin’ you up
I slip in bed when you’re asleep
To hold you close and feel your breath on me
Tomorrow there’ll be so much to do
So tonight I’ll drift in a dream with you

Repeat Chorus
As you wander through this troubled world
In search of all things beautiful
You can close your eyes when you’re miles away
And hear my voice like a serenade

Repeat Chorus x2

Isn’t the song beautiful? the words are so true to my heart for you.
i love watching you sleep. AOIsleepyin my arms, on our bed, in your crib… you look angelic and i pray i am in your dreams too because i am sure it’s like being in heaven.
during your ninth month we travelled to Ontario for a week, visiting R and his parents. i have the cutest video of you and him together. he is doing well and we’ve always been lucky to find him in his jovial moments.
you still have four teeth but they seem stronger, i mean you can eat nearly everything. you eat pretty  much whenever daddy and i eat, but i tend to mash or puree yours. we did an allergy test on the 10th and you tested positive in egg, and there is a trace that you might be allergic to peanut butter, but you’ve eaten peanut coated snack and nothing happened. also while were in Mississauga your aunt Y prepared peanut butter soup which you enjoyed eating but nothing happened to you. i am not going to give you peanut butter if is not cooked.
13-09= you started the playgroup and though you’re one of the youngest, you are proving to be a tough little girl. when the children want to play with something you have in hand and you don’t want to give it back you dodge it from them. but sometimes you are the one taking things out of other children’s hands and i have to intervene. i tell you “you can’t grab things from people’s hands. you can take another thing to play with.” to which observation you stop, look at me and turn your attention to a difference toy. i fancy believe that you really listen to me. i don’t like it when you hit people! i don’t know if you think is a game or you mean it or is just a baby thing, but i hope you stop because i don’t know where you learned that from. when you are hitting i stop you and tell you to be gentle and to stroke, as in caress.
we still go for our walks, i enjoy them and you do enjoy them too because you fall asleep thirty minutes into the walk. i take different spots where i stop to write, read or self reflect. in the meantime you to sleep enjoying the breeze on your face, what a win win situation.
we are back in Ontario, daddy has a conference in Niagara Falls so we were lucky to tag along. We came to visit aunt Y, initially you were shy to go to her but by the time we finished dinner you two were the best of buddies.
i wish i could bottle all these precious moments to be able to re-live them when i want. the only possible way is to write, take picture, hold you and listen to music together with you. mummyloveyou
i love you soooo much. you’re my smile and sunshine.
loves, mummy


  1. Aww...Happy 10 Months! Why does time have to fly by so fast? Glad to hear that all is well with AOI. She's so gorgeous!

  2. This is just so cute! Got me all teary eyed. Your daughter truly is a blessing.

  3. Omg you guys are too cute together! And I can't believe she will be one soon:-)

  4. Your letters are getting cuter and cuter by the month. I so love that pic of AOI sleeping and you both are just so adorable in the last pic. Love it.
    Happy 10 month to your sweet girl. She definitely looks like an angel.

  5. oh i LOVE that picture of you two! so precious! Happy 10 Months AOI, Elyse is right behind you!

  6. She'll be running next! that picture of the both of you is so sweet


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