13 Sep 2012

Ehhh! How Many Blogs Do I Follow?

Today after the playgroup, which was a success, AOI went to bed for a long nap – she was so tired for playing two hours straight.

While she slept I browsed my blog reading list from the dashboad of blogger. Apparently I am following more than 400 blogs, but really I am reading about 1/4 of that. So I took the challenge to visit all the blogs starting from Z up. Many of those blogs are not updating. Some have changed their domain, others have close ‘divorced’ from blogging, others are crazy about the giveaway/reviews. some others don’t use blogger any longer. But importantly some are hidden gems in the rough.

So I unfollowed as many I can. I want to build a good relationship with some bloggers and i still remember the reason I started this blog in the first – to get feedback on my thoughts and I don’t want fake followers.

I want people who want to share their opinions. I believe I followed many of the blogs because initially they were on the blogsphere to share experiences but then they got caught in the giveaway/review games.

Sincerely I don’t want my dashboard reading list to be full of junk – ehey, some giveaways are awesome but it would be nice to real life experiences from them blogs because due to the junk blog entries sometimes I don’t see the updates of my favourite blogs.

But that’s going to change. I am going back to basis, ELIMINATE the junkie blogs and get to know the good old real bloggers. the ones that inspire me and are here to share and make good real relationship.


  1. What a great idea...I need to do that too!

  2. I have done that from time to time.... when I find that I just click on the blog name in Google Reader so it will clear out the unread items... too many home decor and crafting blogs at the moment when what I love are those relating real stories of real people.

  3. I try to go through and clean out my blog reading list at least once a month. I understand doing giveaways and reviews but I also think there should be balance with personal posts as well. I agree that a lot of bloggers start off sharing gems of insight and then get caught up in the bling that is free merchandise.

    I've unfollowed many blogs because the element that first drew me to them had disappeared.

  4. That's quite a challenge. I always get a little sad when some of the blogs I loved just disappear.

  5. I think I need to do a blog clean up too. Some of the blogs I use to love have turned into give-away/sponsorship blogs and don't really blog about the things I use to like reading about. Others just simply stopped blogging. I guess in the end it's better for me to only follow a few because it's better to be able to get to know a few bloggers in depth than "know" a lot very superficially :)

  6. I did this recently too, it was actually kind of awesome because it means I can now actually get around to reading the blogs I do enjoy because my feed reader isn't so darn full! :)

  7. I started doing this and got halfway through. I agree with you. I always miss my favorite blogs being in my feed because my feed is cluttered with giveaways, etc.

  8. Amen to that! I go through a RSS spring cleaning every year. I get rid of what I can. It's so freeing to do so. I need to do it again because it says that I have 536 posts that I have yet to read yet...

  9. Thank you for the reminder. I need to do some unfollowing too!

  10. I have been removing blogs from my reader too...I found one today that hadn't updated since 2009!!!


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